14 Jun 2010

Gen 1 - Chapter Two: The Twins Of TwinBrooke!

Just got back from my scan today, the Nurse was really nice, and very understanding. We found out why my bump was so big. It's twins! We were shocked to say the least, but over the moon about having two beautiful babies instead of one. I'm so glad we don't have to worry about decorating the house, as we used a large portion of Claude's inheritance to buy and furnish the house. The only thing we need to get now is another crib, hopefully the store will have a matching one left.

Labour was terribly painful, but ultimately totally worth it. Claude was panicking, the look on his face was priceless.

There was a problem with the labour, Lyra was taking to long to come out and getting stressed, so the doctors made the decision to give me an emergency caesarean section. She has been in intensive care for the past few days, while her vital signs stabilise. I'm really worried, but the doctors say it is routine under these circumstances. We have chosen their names; Lyra for the first born, and Lily for the youngest.

We got to take Lyra home today, Lily seems to have missed her snuggling partner. I'm glad to have both of my babies home safe, eventually.

Maternity leave is going well, the babies are growing really fast. Not really sleeping too well though, Unfortunately when one wakes up and starts to cry that sets off the other one. Claude is helping as best he can, but he is such a heavy sleeper, that unless I wake him up, he is dead to the world.

I'm really tired, all these sleepless nights are starting to catch up with me, I nearly fell asleep this morning feeding Lyra.

Claude has been amazing, really supportive, He is always kissing and offering me massages. He even surprised me with a candlelit bath last night.

With everything that has been going on recently with the babies, I have not really been paying much attention to Claude's work situation, but all this time, he has been grafting away and yesterday made his first arrest. And got a promotion! I'm so proud of him! I broke my strict takeaway rules, and called for some pizza to be delivered as little treat. I would have taken him out, but the restaurants are not exactly baby friendly.
It has been hard with Claude not here as much, there is more money coming in now, but he is around less and less. I'm struggling a little, and with the thought of going back to work soon looming over me, I just don't think I am ready to leave my babies, so we have been talking about hiring a nanny a few days a week.

Claude is always playing and snuggling the girls, he is growing into a great Dad, It is great that he is handling it so well after his Dad disappearing when he was a baby. I don't know what I would do without him!

We started interviewing for candidates for the Nanny, and to be frank, I wasn't impressed. One looked like the Bride of Frankenstein, and had the biggest hands I have ever seen. The second, well the second was the closest thing to a witch I have ever seen, if I left my babies with her I would come back from work to find them bubbling away in a cauldron.

No, I'm not going back to work. I have decided. I just need to tell Claude now.

Claude was supposed to be going to some dumb football game with Dudley today, but after seeing how stressed I had become trying to cope in his absence, he sold his other ticket to another cop at the station, and packed me off to the spa for the day. It was a really unexpected treat, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I left my babies in the care of the only man I will ever trust.

On my way home from the spa, I passed that new "Buy and Bargain" place, went in and grabbed some birthday present for the twins, I spent way more than I should have done, but my babies are worth every penny. I even found a gorgeous new shirt for Claude.

Today it's the girls first birthday, we wanted to keep it low key because the past year has been so busy. We just feel lucky to have two healthy happy babies.

Stay tuned for chapter 3 to see the twins as toddlers.

Welcome To The Stone Family Blog.

I would like to introduce you to my founder, Jenna Stone and her husband Claude Stone.

Jenna's traits are:

Born Saleswoman



Family Orientated


Her favourite's include:




Jenna is an artistic person, and can always be found painting her worries away. She wants a big family, she say's a home filled with laughter is the place to be. When she isn't painting she can be found either out in the garden or at the library reading. Being Eco-friendly she likes to recycle, take quick showers and just generally take care of the planet. She still remembers the first day she met Claude like it was yesterday. He was walking past as she left the library, and her being the bookworm that she is had her head stuck in her favourite book and bumped into him. Claude caught her and as their eyes met they instantly felt the attraction towards one another, and from that day they never left each others side.

Claude's traits are:

Family Orientated





His favourites include:


Autumn Salad

Irish Green

Claude is very athletic, most days he can be found working out at the gym or with his family.He is also very charismatic and loves to make friends and meet new people. He is very career orientated and because he is a schmoozer he makes friends with colleagues very quickly. He is very family orientated and would love 4 or 5 children. He has always wanted a large family and never thought it would be possible until he met Jenna. He and Jenna were engaged within 6 months of meeting, they had a whirlwind romance and neither could imagine life without the other.

What will the future hold for the Stone's.