15 Jun 2010

Gen 1 - Chapter 3: A Proposal!

I'm so proud of how the twins grew up, they are just beautiful little girls. But then I am biased! I'm sure all mother's feel the same way about their own children though.

They got matching outfits for their birthday and look so adorable in them.

They got so many toys, it's a good job the nursery is quite large, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to fit them all in. The girl's seem to have taken a shine to the building block table and the dolls house, they can always be found chewing on their dolls.

Claude has been busy with work, but as soon as he gets home we spend some much needed time as a family. We have started the girl's education off early, and have been potty training, which didn't start off too easy, but is now going well. They are nearly ready to use the potty on their own, which is amazing as they are still quite young, and I am able to spend more time helping them learn and less time shopping for nappies!

I am so proud of my little Lily-pad, she took her first steps all on her own yesterday. I was sitting and enjoying some quite reading time with Lyra, when she all of a sudden let go of the play table and stumbled towards me. I couldn't wait to tell Claude how grown up they are becoming.

Lyra on the other hand is quite the little chatterbox, since she said her first word all we've heard is "Dada", "Mama" and "Lilli". It is so cute hearing her call for us when she needs us. She has quite a temper too, I was woke up to her screaming "Mama" at the top of her lungs this morning, and I couldn't believe Lily slept right through it.

Yesterday was Claude's first weekend off work, so we decided to take the girls to the park for a picnic lunch. They enjoyed chasing all the butterflies, and smiling at all the friendly faces they saw. 

When we got home it was getting quite late, so we fed the girl's and put them to bed before snuggling up on the sofa to watch 'Ghost', it is such a romantic film!

Claude recently got another promotion, he is doing so well at work. I am so proud of my darling Husband. I don't what I would do without him in my life. Seeing as we had some extra money coming in, we decided to buy the girl's some new educational toys, so they had something other than their dolls to play with. We decided on a xylophone, and a shape sorter. The girls loved them so much all me and Claude have done with our evenings is play with them. Not that I'm complaining. 

We have been spending all of our free time with the girl's, which means that we barely have any 'us' time. So we arranged a romantic night out. I felt ready to leave the girls with a baby-sitter, now they were a bit older and didn't need me so much. We made sure they had been fed and bathed before we left, so they were ready to be put into their cribs as soon as they started getting tired.

We decided to go to the new bistro in town for a nice meal. It was the most divine meal I had ever had, and the atmosphere was so friendly, relaxed and wonderful, all the candlelit tables set the perfect theme for a romantic evening. Claude looked so handsome in the candlelight too.

After our meal Claude decided that a walk along the beach would be the perfect end to our evening. We strolled hand in hand under the moonlit sky. Before we knew the sun was starting to rise, we were so wrapped up in each other we didn't notice the night fly by. We decided to walk a little further before heading home. When we got to the pavilion, I commented on how beautiful the sunrise was and when I turned round, I couldn't believe my eyes!

Claude was on his knees holding a luxurious, deep blue, velvet box, containing the most expensive looking diamond ring I had ever seen.it was truly gorgeous, and such a magical moment.

He looked at me his eyes full of hope and said, as I held my breath, "I have found the one who say's the words my soul longs to hear, Jenna will you marry me, and be mine forever and always?"

Stay tuned for chapter 4, will Jenna say "yes"?????

Welcome To The Stone Family Blog.

I would like to introduce you to my founder, Jenna Stone and her husband Claude Stone.

Jenna's traits are:

Born Saleswoman



Family Orientated


Her favourite's include:




Jenna is an artistic person, and can always be found painting her worries away. She wants a big family, she say's a home filled with laughter is the place to be. When she isn't painting she can be found either out in the garden or at the library reading. Being Eco-friendly she likes to recycle, take quick showers and just generally take care of the planet. She still remembers the first day she met Claude like it was yesterday. He was walking past as she left the library, and her being the bookworm that she is had her head stuck in her favourite book and bumped into him. Claude caught her and as their eyes met they instantly felt the attraction towards one another, and from that day they never left each others side.

Claude's traits are:

Family Orientated





His favourites include:


Autumn Salad

Irish Green

Claude is very athletic, most days he can be found working out at the gym or with his family.He is also very charismatic and loves to make friends and meet new people. He is very career orientated and because he is a schmoozer he makes friends with colleagues very quickly. He is very family orientated and would love 4 or 5 children. He has always wanted a large family and never thought it would be possible until he met Jenna. He and Jenna were engaged within 6 months of meeting, they had a whirlwind romance and neither could imagine life without the other.

What will the future hold for the Stone's.