9 Aug 2010

Gen 1 - Chapter 20: Moving on.

Authors Note: This chapter is told from Lily's point of view. This is also the last chapter of generation one. :)

As I walked through the front door a wave of sadness enveloped me, and I burst into tears. I was happy Lyra was beside me, as she took me into her arms to comfort me. I was distraught that Grandpa wasn't going to be around much longer.

It was already late when we got home, so we headed straight to bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was gone, today must have been harder than I realised.

I woke up feeling refreshed, I was looking forward to my first day at work. I showered and got myself ready, I had just finished my cereal when I had a phone call about my first assignment. I grabbed my bag and coat and headed out the door. I arrived at the park to do a stakeout, after observing for a few hours with no results I headed back home to write a report.

I was half way through the report when Lyra came home, I told her I would be down in time for dinner. I wanted to get this report finished. As I was finishing up I could smell mac'n'cheese wafting up the stairs. Mmmmm my tummy rumbled as I headed downstairs, I realised that I hadn't had anything to eat since breakfast. I was so hungry I polished off two plates.

I helped Lyra wash up after dinner and said goodnight before heading off to my room. I logged in on msn to check my mail, Benji was online. The little message box popped up saying hi before I had a chance to send one myself. We hadn't seen each other for nearly a week now, god I missed him. I told him all about how my day was and we talked for a few hours. We arranged to meet in the park for lunch tomorrow. I said goodnight to him and shut the computer off. I climbed into bed and drifted off to sleep, excited about seeing Benji tomorrow.

The sun was shining brightly when I woke, it was going to be a beautiful day. I stumbled into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and hair. I changed into a new dress ready for my lunch date. As I came out of my room I bumped into a handsome stranger going into Lyra's bedroom. I didn't know she had had anyone over last night. I said hi and headed downstairs to grab a bowl of cereal.

After breakfast I decided to head to the park early, I grabbed a book from the shelf. I thought it would be best to give Lyra some space. Seeing as it was a nice day I thought it would be refreshing to walk to the park, seeing as I had over an hour before I had to meet Benji. I sat on a bench near the fountain and started reading, I was only a couple of chapters in when I heard a shout. I looked up and saw Benji strolling across the park. I ran to him and took him in my arms.

It felt good to be with him again. We chatted for a while before setting out a picnic on the grass. As we ate I noticed Benji was rather quiet, I asked him if everything was OK, but he just mumbled yeah, everythings fine. I wonder whats going on.

After lunch we went for a walk on the promenade by the river, the view was beautiful. We were about halfway along when Benji stopped me and got down on one knee.

I was speechless, I would never have guessed this was what he was up too. Of course I said yes, how could I not. I knew from the first moment I laid my eyes on him that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, and now my dream was finally coming true.

I stared at the dazzling diamond on my finger, it was breathtaking. I pulled him into a kiss, I was so happy, and hopefully grandpa would be around to see our big day.

We finished our walk, I was just about to head home when Benji turned to me and said " Lily now we are engaged I think the time is right for us to live together, I have already have a wonderful house, all that is missing is you. Please say you will move in with me." I didn't know what to say, of course I wanted to live with him but how could I leave Lyra all alone. I told him I would talk it through with Lyra and then let him know. We said our goodbyes and I headed home.

As I walked in the living I found Lyra watching TV, it looked like her friend had left a while ago. I asked her if we talk, she agreed. I told her all that had happened while I was out with Benji, she was ecstatic about my engagement and said that now was the time for me to get on with my life, and not to worry about her, she would be fine. I thanked her and pulled her into a hug. I ran straight to my room to call Benji and tell him the great news. He sounded so happy that I had agreed to spend my life with him. When my bags were packed I headed to bed, so I was ready for tomorrow.

Morning came by very quickly, I barely slept at all, I was just too exctied. Benji arrived shortly after breakfast and helped put my things in the car. I said goodbye to Lyra and promised to vistit soon. I had a lot of unpacking to do first.

We pulled up outside a beautiful 3 bedroom house, I was gobsmacked. It was perfect. I was ready to start my new life with Benji, and very excited about the future.

Stay tuned for the first chapter of generation two :)


Charlie12309 said...

Wow great chapter, really looking forward to gen 2 :)

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks Charlie :)

Kittycattylion said...

ohhh, I know that handsome stranger!! <3

strelitzia19 said...

Thought you would recognise him kitty :)

Anonymous said...

wow, this just gets better and better! Benji looks awesome with that hair! And I wonder who that handsome stranger was?? >_> :D I sure hope her grandpa will live to see the wedding...

Great job Kim! I LOVED it :)

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks jen, yeah I thought he needed a makeover lol. You will find out who the handsome stranger is soon enough. I hope he does too :)

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. Well that makeover certainly worked, and the other sims look great as well with their new hair and skins. :D

Cool!I can't wait to find out! ^_^

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. :D

Hugzies said...

Their house is really cute, I am happy for Lilly. Now Lyra just needs to find herself a little of that happiness.

Quan-Kun said...

Great chapter! Can't wait to see mom's face when she finds out!

strelitzia19 said...

Thank-you :D

Valpre said...

I love the way you've wrapped up Generation 1. Well done. Tomorrow I'll start on generation 2. See I told you I'll catch up :)

Anyway, there's a writer's forum I'm part of, feel free to stop by and check us out. There's tons of legacy readers and writers there :)
Here's the link:


Qui. said...

I'm with Val, I loved the way you did that too. My comment will be all over the place this go round since I'm just catching up...

I lol'ed @ "I saw Lyra in the corridor flirting with someone who looks like he punches people for money." in chapter 10! That made my day!
The girls turned out to be extremely beautiful! If only I could get my sims to produce beautiful offspring... *sigh*
I love Jenna and Claude so much! It warmed my heart to see him do so much for the girl as babies!
The situation with Lyra really broke my heart! It always bothers me when I see someone trying to alter themself for the attention of another.

I think Benji and Lilly are too cute!!

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks Val, have joined the site :D

Thanks Qui, I love this family so much it's silly really, how much we bond with our simmies :D

Welcome To The Stone Family Blog.

I would like to introduce you to my founder, Jenna Stone and her husband Claude Stone.

Jenna's traits are:

Born Saleswoman



Family Orientated


Her favourite's include:




Jenna is an artistic person, and can always be found painting her worries away. She wants a big family, she say's a home filled with laughter is the place to be. When she isn't painting she can be found either out in the garden or at the library reading. Being Eco-friendly she likes to recycle, take quick showers and just generally take care of the planet. She still remembers the first day she met Claude like it was yesterday. He was walking past as she left the library, and her being the bookworm that she is had her head stuck in her favourite book and bumped into him. Claude caught her and as their eyes met they instantly felt the attraction towards one another, and from that day they never left each others side.

Claude's traits are:

Family Orientated





His favourites include:


Autumn Salad

Irish Green

Claude is very athletic, most days he can be found working out at the gym or with his family.He is also very charismatic and loves to make friends and meet new people. He is very career orientated and because he is a schmoozer he makes friends with colleagues very quickly. He is very family orientated and would love 4 or 5 children. He has always wanted a large family and never thought it would be possible until he met Jenna. He and Jenna were engaged within 6 months of meeting, they had a whirlwind romance and neither could imagine life without the other.

What will the future hold for the Stone's.