6 Sep 2010

Gen 2 - Chapter 8: Double the Joy

As the wave of pain finished I calmly made my way into the living room, I managed to tell Jacob to get everything ready to leave because the baby was coming before I was hit by another contraction. My god, I forgot how much this hurts!

Mum and Dad agreed to watch Kayleigh for us while we were at the hospital, we thanked them and left for the hospital. I was feeling nervous at having to go through the pain again, but I know my little bundle of joy would be worth it. I couldn't wait to meet him or her.

After eight hours of labour Mason finally came into the world weighing 6lb 8oz, followed eight minutes later by his sister Melody weighing 5lb 1oz. We were shocked it was twins, but were so delighted at the same time. The doctors said that Melody was a little on the small side but seemed perfectly healthy so we could take them both home.

I guess we were still in shock when we got home because we both just stood in the hallway holding them for a few minutes before realising we were now parents of three precious angels. Kayleigh was going to be so happy when she woke up and saw her brother and sister, I can just imagine the smile on her face.

The next few days passed in a blur of night time feeds, nappie changes, snuggling and soothing the twins, while making sure Kayleigh wasn't left out. It was hard work, but I loved my growing family more and more as each day passed. Mason was such a hungry baby, always wanting a bottle every two hours, whereas Melody would just lay gurgling happily to herself in her crib, although they were twins their personalities were already so different. I couldn't wait to see what they were like when they were Kayleigh's age.

Kayleigh was getting so big, I couldn't believe she would be starting school soon. It only seemed like yesterday I was holding her in my arms, stroking her soft red hair. Me and Jacob had been talking about throwing another joint party for her and Leo again, seeing as the last one went rather well.

I gave Lily a call and we arranged it for the twelfth, which was next Saturday. Seeing as the back garden had been modified we agreed to have it at the house and hire a buffet and trampoline for the kids. Me and Jacob had planned to go out and buy Kayleighs presents yesterday, but Mason was a little sickly and I couldn't bare to leave him. He seemed much better today though, so I called the sitter and asked her to come over as soon as she could and watch them while we popped to the store. I made sure both the twins and Kayleigh were settled so that when she got here we could just leave. Charlie arrived half an hour later and headed straight up to play with Kayleigh. She was so good with the kids, I had no worries when I left them with her.

The store was only a fifteen minute drive away, so we soon arrived, even with all the traffic on the way. I had an idea of what we were going to get her, but as soon as I stepped into the store my mind went numb, I had totally forgotten. We wandered around just looking for a while before settling on a few teddies,some new clothes, shoes a computer for her room and a whole play set for the garden. She was going to love it. I payed for the items and we headed back home, it would be time to feed the kids when we got back.

I payed Charlie and said goodbye, before rushing up the stairs to say hello to my babies, while Jacob made a start on the dinner. Kayleigh was napping in her crib so I left her sleeping, I picked up Mason and snuggled him close inhaling his wonderfully sweet baby scent as I did, before giving him his bottle. Once he finished I placed him into his crib and walked over to Melody's, as per usual she was just laying there gurgling away. I scooped her into my arms and gently lifted her into the air while blowing raspberries onto her tummy, she let out a small giggle as I pulled her close and gave her her bottle.

Once the twins were settled I heard Kayleigh stir from her nap, so I lifted her out of her crib and took her downstairs for dinner, which had just been served up and smelled wonderful. I placed Kayleigh in her highchair and served her her food before sitting down at the table with Jacob. As we ate we chatted about how work was at the hospital, Jacob had been promoted to surgeon, although that meant more hours at the hospital and less with us the pay was fantastic and meant we could afford nice things for the kids. I cleared the plates away while Jacob bathed Kayleigh and took her upstairs for her bed time story.

I managed to have a nice relaxing bath before the twins wanted their 11pm feed. I fed Melody while Jacob fed Mason, once they were full and contented we tucked them in and headed to bed ourselves, I was shattered, looking after three children under five is hard work.

Now that the twins were two months old they had finally settled into a routine, they wanted feeding every four hours on the dot, and the best bit was that they both slept through the night. It made it so much easier to look after them when me and Jacob got a full nights sleep. All three of the children were very well behaved and Kayleigh was good with the twins too. Tomorrow was Kayleigh's birthday party, so I phoned round and made sure everyone could make it and to make sure that the trampoline and buffet hire would be arriving.

Seeing as Jacob had today and tomorrow off work we thought it would be nice to take the kids to the beach for the afternoon. We sat and made sandcastles with Kayleigh while the twins had a kick about on a blanket. While I gave the twins their bottles Jacob took Kayleigh in for a little paddle, I could hear her laughing as the waves splashed at her feet, I couldn't help but let out a little giggle too her laugh was so infectious.

It was starting to get dark so we headed home, so that we could get the kids bathed and in bed, we had a busy day tomorrow.

Stay tuned for chapter 9 :)


starling68 said...

Aw double the joy! :D
I can't wait to see what Kayleigh and the twins look like when they're older!

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks for reading Starling :)

I've had a sneak peek and I'm pleased with they how they turn out :)

starling68 said...

That's great! I can't wait!
And you can call me Steph if you want :)

strelitzia19 said...

Well in that case you can call me Kim :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, my Mason just grew up and yours was just born! Just the circle of life I guess *runs off to watch Lion King* :D Great chapter, I can't wait to see what the twins look like!

HaloKitzen said...

I just realized Jacob and Lyra never got married yet. :O The twins are adorable! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Jojo777 said...

Awesome chapter, Kayleigh is so cute! I can't wait to see what all of the kids look like when they're older :)

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks Audge, *joins you on the sofa* :)

strelitzia19 said...

@ Halokitzen, no not yet, I have just been gifted the new romanza set so I will be using that for their wedding :)

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks Jojo :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! What cute kids, double trouble! I love chapters filled with family moments! Great job! :D


jen said...

Awww, twins! They're so cute. :D Can't wait till Kayleigh's birthday! Great chapter as always. :)

Berry said...

awwww Multi gendered twins! I still have yet to have them u.u I will keep trying! I have a great storyline set up for them :)

Great chapter!

strelitzia19 said...

I was surprised to get multi-gender twins, as I didn't do anything to get them it just happened.

Hugzies said...

Yay for twins! boy AND a girl how exciting. I see that I am all caught up now :) I cant wait for more.

Anonymous said...

Ack, anytime I've ever had twins on the game they're the same gender! Lucky you! haha. XD

by the way Kim, I hope you get your FLS tomorrow! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey there, sorry I've not posted sooner, I haven't been doing as good a job keeping up with everyone's updates! I love this chapter! The twins are so cute with the skin you have. I know, I'm pretty sure I said that last time too, but they are really cute. I can't believe you didn't have to do anything to get multi-gender twins! I've been trying and still haven't made it happen...

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention I've returned the favor and added you to my links page. I'm sorry it took me a few days but my heads been all over the place.

I got there eventually though :)


strelitzia19 said...

Thanks for reading guys :)

Jen, I got my FLS, and I'm quite disappointed with it to be honest, the only things I really love are the new shoes, the bracelet and maybe one or two of the outfits :(

buckeyegirl80, yea I've grown to love the skin, it looks so much better than EA's :)

Sky, thanks, I know how you feel :)

jen said...

Jeez, I'm so sorry. I've also seen some complaints on the Sims 3 forums about it. :( maybe the next SP will be better. At least Night Life comes out next month.

By the way, can't wait to read your next chapter :)

strelitzia19 said...

You don't need to be sorry, it has given more items to use for my story so it's not bad for £8. I'd buy it anyway lol, I'm a sims addict :)

The next chapter may not be out for a few more days, having to clean through the whole house this weekend :(

jen said...

Well I'm glad :D I figured there's at least be tons of new vehicles, lol.

Oh, OK. Shoot, that's what I need to do, haha. :P

Oh, I also wanted to say thank you so much for putting 'Bloodlust' on your blog roll! *hugz*

strelitzia19 said...

You are welcome, it's been up there for a while now :)

Anonymous said...

I got my Fast Lane stuff pack today, I'm hoping its better than what you guys have hinted.

I actually bought it for the decent looking motorbikes :P and because I felt sorry for Miles and his suffering.

I don't usually buy the stuff packs but well, first time for everything ;).

Just hope there is not install glitches


strelitzia19 said...

It's OK, but then that depends on what items you use in game, I don't really use the cars lol. I always buy the stuff packs and expansions, I'm an addict lol :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry I just now noticed it was on there, lol. :P anyhow, whenever you have time, can you check this out? I think you'll find it interesting:


I bred Nick and Lila, and had their kids grow up, and this shows what they all look like; including Travis as a teen/adult, and Isabella as a teen! Also shows Kayla as an adult.


jen said...

sorry that link above doesn't work. Anyhow, I guess just go to my Riverview blog, and the link to the post will be on the right colum. It's titled: 'At Play With Genetics!'


strelitzia19 said...

Ok, cool will check it out :)

jen said...

Thanks! :D

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