1 Mar 2011

Gen 3 - Chapter 14: Celebrations.

After the wedding was made official everyone headed outside to grab something to eat and drink. Everyone made sure to get their congratulations said before the toasts. Dad went first and gave a beautiful speech, I'm glad they have finally accepted Alex into the family. He does deserve to be one of us now, he has proved so much and I love him all the more for being the man he is now.

As Dad finished talking Alex stood up and began to speak.

"As you guys all know it hasn't been an easy ride for me and Kay to get here, but I'm so glad we did. I am so thankful that she gave me that second chance and allowed me to become not only her Husband, but a Father too. You and Jasper mean more to me than the air I breathe. I hope we have many happy anniversaries and reasons to celebrate together. To my Wife Kayleigh."

He gushed as he looked in my direction and raised his glass.

After the food and speeches we all headed to the dance floor and danced the night away; of course me and Alex had the first dance.

We had a wonderful night, we finally got home at around 3am, Jasper had gone to Mum's for a few days to give us some time alone as we weren't having a honeymoon. Alex had said that he had quite a few things planned for our time alone and I couldn't wait to see what they were.

After a passionate and heated night I awoke wrapped in Alex's arms, I slowly slid out from under him and headed for the bathroom for a quick shower. Once I was showered I changed into a white vest, red skirt and striped cardigan. Alex was still sleeping soundly so I decided not to wake him and grabbed a book from the bookcase in the hallway to read.

I had been reading for nearly an hour when I saw two feet pad through the hallway. I looked up at Alex, he had a massive grin on his face. He took the book from my hands and placed it back on the shelf before taking my hand and saying..

"Come on, we're going out. I thought we could go to the Movies and then out for dinner. What do you think?"

I nodded and gave him a peck on the cheek.

We arrived at the Cinema, Alex paid for two Gnomeo And Juliet tickets while I bought the popcorn and drinks. The next hour and forty minutes were spent laughing and just having a great time. The film was super cute and a great twist on Romeo and Juliet.

We headed over to the Brightmore for something to eat. It was one of the hottest clubs in Bridgeport, and a huge Celebrity hot spot. We got there just after it opened for the evening, so it wasn't very busy. Alex ordered us some food and our drinks while I grabbed us a quiet table in the corner.

By the time we had finished our meals the club had started filling up, I whispered in Alex's ear that maybe we should head home and try out our new hot tub, from the look in his eyes he was rather into the idea. I grabbed my purse and coat as he paid and then we headed home.

Once we had arrived home I headed upstairs to change into something a little more comfortable while Alex got the hot tub ready. I grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge and two glasses from the cupboard before joining him.

The water was a little hot as I first stepped in, but seemed to cool and soothe my skin. I poured us each a glass of wine, handing one to Alex as I took a large sip of mine. Alex slid his left arm round my neck and pulled me into him, kissing me hungrily as he did. It was nice to have some alone time... just me and him.

Alex pulled away slightly, looked into my eyes and said..

"Kay, seeing my Brother and Kitty with Savannah at the wedding made me realise just how much of Jasper's life I missed out on, it breaks my heart knowing I can never get that back. I know it may take some time for you to get used to and be comfortable with the idea, but I would love it if you considered what I'm about to ask... please. Kay, I want us to have another baby. I want to see your body blossom while carrying our baby, take care of you, support you. I want to know feel what it's like to hold a newborn baby in my arms for the first time. So........ what do you think? Will you think about it? Consider it? Please?"

Oh god... I wasn't sure I could even go through that situation again. I know Alex loves me and Jasper, but could I trust him not to panic again. I would love to give Jasper a Brother or Sister...

"I'll think about it, though I'm not going to promise I'll say yes. I hope you understand. I would love another baby but just thinking about what happened last time scares me silly. I do love you, I really do. Please just give me time."

"Of course I will Kay, take all the time you need. I'll be here waiting when you decide and will be here no matter what your choice."

"Thank-you" I kissed him, already knowing what my answer was going to be.

Please stay tuned for chapter 15 :D


starling68 said...

Aw I'm sensing that Kay might say yes to another baby :)

Can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter!

(PS: I love the film Gnomeo and Juilet, that bit made me laugh :D)

Quan-Kun said...

Lovely update, and a job well done on the reception. Such a busy night out, some alone time is always good. Can't wait to see what happens next.

LordCharles said...

YAY!!! Loved it, as always!

Anonymous said...

Good job! its good to know that he really is changing! cant wait to see the next update.

Anonymous said...

Loved it! I am excited that Alex wants to be a father again, and I can't wait to see how he manages this time around! - If she says yes, of course, which I think she will. :D

Valpre said...

I can't believe I love Alex to bits now. Never thought I'd see the day.

Lovely reception, and it's great to see Kay's parents warming to him. He has come a long way, and does deserve a second chance.

I understand Kay's reservations about having a second baby, but Alex's pleas sounded genuine. Hopefully she'll reach a decision that will make both of them happy.

This was wonderful!

Thea said...

Awww to cute. I hope she listens to her heart and answers truthfully when she does ^_^

Hugzies said...

I sure hope she says yes, I really want to see what a little girl would look like with their genes.

jen said...

Aww, it was so awesome!! And Alex looks hotter and hotter with each chapter! *salivates heavily* lol. Can't wait to see whether or not they're going to try for a baby! O.O Squeeee!!

Amazing update as always!! :)


Anonymous said...

i think kitty is pregnant... she was wearing the pregnancy dress in one pic ;)

Anonymous said...

I liked Alex's speech at the wedding, it seemed so sincere. I am glad Kayleigh gave him a second chance, as well.

Kittycattylion said...

ahhh.. what a cutiepatootie.
the new Alex makes my heart flutter.

buckeygirl80 said...

Aw! I had a feeling that another baby was going to come up. I totally understand Kay's hesitation though.
Excited to see the coming chapters and find out what Kay and Alex's new life together will be like!

Jojo777 said...

Cute update! I can see why Kay would be scared, but I would love if they had another baby, maybe a girl this time :)

Duskwood Legacy said...

I'm sensing that Kay might not get the chance to "think on it", that it might just happen anyway on accident :P

Loved the chapter it was just so perfect and I'm glad after all their trials that they are together and it's finally working out for the best.

Fawnester said...

I'm actually suprised that Kay's worried that he go crazy. After all it was his idea.

Berry said...

Awwww another little Alex/Kay x3

Buttonsginger said...

How exciting! A new baby! Can't wait to see what happens =D

Anonymous said...

All of you people drooling over Alex, I hope that you know that he just a sim, he isn't real.

LordCharles said...

Hi! I'm kinda confuzzled-- I was looking at the family tree and it said that Jenna and Claude had another daughter named Maisy. Ermmm... is this true???

strelitzia19 said...

@ LordCharles - Yes, they did have another daughter via story progression, I will see if I can find her in an old save and update the Family Tree with her picture.

LordCharles said...

Ooooooh, okay! Wonder what she looks like.

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