2 Apr 2011

Gen 3 - Chapter 17: Phoenix

Authors note: This chapter is told from Alex's P.O.V

I was in the middle of preparing dinner when Kayleigh walked through the door, and skulked up the stairs without even a "Hello". I turned the hobs to a lower number and headed up to see what was wrong. I found her sitting, slumped over on the bedroom sofa playing footsie with her shoe.

"Hey Huni, what's wrong? Everything OK at work?"

"Oh Alex... Mr Carter is moving the firm to Sunset Valley, and said if I don't go I would be out of a job. I sat at my desk all week thinking it over, about you, Jasper, and Amber. Our life, our home, is here. I couldn't imagine up and moving somewhere else, so I told Mr Carter that I couldn't go and quit. I hope you're not mad at me... "

"How could I be mad? You done the right thing, and if you wanted to, you could be a stay at home Mum... we don't need the money as much now that I've been offered a promotion. The Fire Chief called me this morning not long after you left offering me the Assistant Fire Chief position. If I accepted it would mean me leaving first thing Monday morning for a week long training course that all civil servants at any management level have to attend. Four days of leadership conferencing, and one day specifically for firefighters of danger and conflict management. I told him that I would talk it over with you and call him back. What do you think?"

"Um... wow... of course you have to accept, it's a huge opportunity for you. And as for me being a stay at home Mum, I guess I could give it a go. It might be fun, and I would get to spend all day with Amber." She said with a smile.

With the situation settled and Kay smiling again I went back to preparing dinner, Salmon. We ate up the table, as a family every night before watching a little TV. I tucked Amber in most nights, she really is a precious little girl. She follows my every move, and is always telling me she loves me, it's incredibly sweet.


The weekend passed and Monday morning rolled round all too soon. My suitcase was packed and waiting by the front door. I ate breakfast, kissed Kay, and told the kids to be good for their Mum before hopping into the car on my way to the course.

I spent most of the week sat behind a desk either reading, writing, or listening to the Chief. On the final day all attendants had to pass the exam with an average grade of 90/100, thankfully I had been listening and had taken everything in, and passed with a score of 98. With my certificate packed away I could finally head home to my family as the new Assistant Fire Chief of Bridgeport. I was welcomed home with open arms and happy tears, they were all really proud that I passed and Kay insisted that we hung my certificate on the wall.

We spent all Sunday out in the garden, I tended to the barbecue while Kay and Jasper played dolls with Amber. After eating and sending the kids to bed me and Kay retired to the hot tub for a couple hours before heading to bed.

I strolled casually into the station, it was only 8AM, but I was here and ready to start my first day in my new position. I checked the truck and alarms, and was in the middle of giving the truck an upgrade when I saw a flicker of platinum blonde hair out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head to see, knowing that no one in the station possessed that colour hair. The blonde came bouncing over...

"I'm here for my training... erm... Alex Stone is supposed to be on duty today. I was told he would be training me." She said with a fluttering of her eyelashes.

"I'm he, and your name is.. ?" I inquired while continuing to work on the truck.

I couldn't help but notice the change in her voice; more girly, yet sultry as she said
"I'm Phoenix Rae."

"Right... OK, if you take the first left through that door you will find the locker room. Get changed into some workout gear and we'll start your training." I replied, still not looking away from my work.

Ten minutes later she came bouncing out of the locker room in what I could only assume was some sort of new type of workout wear... it was very revealing, tight, and left no curve to the imagination. I cleared my throat and proceeded as professionally as I could.

I started her off with a two mile run on the running machine, we were chatting and swapping life stories, I told her about Kay and the kids. And she said she had only just moved to town so hadn't really had time to meet anyone yet. As I was showing her how to lift the weights I could see her eyes taking in every inch of my muscles, feeling a little uncomfortable I suggested she give it a go. I stuck the pin in the 4lb slot and encouraged her to give it a shot, after a few winces and struggles she managed to lift it a few times.

As she finished on the bench she stood up and giggled..

"That was awful..I'm no where near as strong as you, just look at those huge arm muscles you have." She said while she gave my biceps a massaging squeeze.

"Ahem... follow me and I'll show you the truck, which you will eventually get to use to attend to emergencies." I ignored her advances in the hopes that she would get the message that I wasn't interested.

I shew her all aspects of the truck outside and in, how the sirens worked, where the hose was, etc. As I was about to lock the truck I noticed my cell phone lying on the front seat, it must have fallen out of my pocket. I quickly hopped inside to retrieve it, and as I stepped out Phoenix stood in front of me with a seductive, creepy look in her eyes.

"Alex... I want you.. " She said as she climbed onto my lap.

My mind froze for a second searching for ideas, ways to make her see what she was doing was wrong. I roughly grabbed her shoulder and nudged her out of the way.

"Look... whatever it is you are trying to do, I'm not interested! I'm happily married to my one and only love, and I don't intend to ruin that or hurt her for a silly little fling. If you wish to continue working here you may want to think about changing your work attitude."

I watched as her face flickered from seductive to angry. She swiftly turned and walked out of the station, but not before giving me one final look of pure hatred. I hadn't meant to sound so... mean, but I was furious.

I called Kay asking her to meet me in an hour, after work. We needed to go shopping for Jasper's birthday present, and I knew he would be busy at the studio, filming his show.

I was cleaning the last few bits away when I felt a pair of small hands wrap around my waist, I knew it was Kay from her smell; she always wore passion flower perfume. I turned, pulled her into my arms and kissed her long and hard.

"What was that for?" She asked.

"What? Can't a man kiss his Wife?" I replied with a chuckle as I pulled her in for another kiss.

It didn't take long to choose Jasper's present, at least with it being delivered on the day we would only have to hide the few small presents that we had got him, and the clue to this one. Once everything had been settled and paid for we headed home.

We arrived home a little before six, Jasper would be home any minute. We rushed upstairs to our room to hide his presents. I opened the door and noticed that the room was bathed in candle light, I gave Kayleigh a puzzled look, which she returned.

When I saw Phoenix lying pratically naked on our bed my heart dropped into my stomach, I could just imagine all the visions and thoughts running through Kayleigh's head. Of course Phoenix had to go and make it worse by saying..

" Finally.. I thought you were going to keep me waiting forever."

Kay looked at me, tears glistening in her eyes "Alex, how could you?"

Stay tuned for chapter 18 :D


Anonymous said...

omg! I hate her >.< lol this literally mad me pretty angry haha

awesome chapter!!!

Quan-Kun said...

O_O Oh wow! Seems Alex has a major stalker on his hands! How is Kay going to react to this!? Great chapter. :D

LordCharles said...

kay, I think that I am going to download Phoenix into my game just so that I can drag her hunger bar all the way down. She is such a creep, not to mention a home-wrecker! Just when I thought everything was prefect! You sure keep us on our toes! Good work, and can't wait to see what happens next!

Cami said...

Oh wow! Can we say nut job?! I hope Kay gives Alex a chance to kick Phoenix in the ass and then explain!

Fawnester said...

@Cami I agree! Kay seems a little mistrusting. She saw that he was confused, and he hasn't said anything yet. Besides the creeper girl besides being creepy, is also a...vamp...I think...

Anonymous said...

I really don't think Kay should mistrust Alex, she should know better. No man is silly enough to bring a mistress home while their wife is there. But I understand the place where she's coming from. :)

jen said...

OMG, Alex has a psycho-stalker! O.O Oh, this is so freakin' interesting... Can't wait to see what happens next!

I can understand why Kay feels hurt though... all she knows is there's a strange woman in her bed waiting for her hubby. >_>

btw Kay looks better than the blonde anyway. XD

Kaleeko said...

What a (*^@%& @$&*%!$%&!!!!! Ahem. >.>

I have to wonder what that woman's deal is. She's either absolutely insane, or up to no good. Or both. Or, Alex is so irresistable that she just can't help herself. ;D

Poor Kay--can't say I blame her for reacting the way she did. But agree--she's much, much prettier than that... ahemskankahem.!

Kittycattylion said...





also: NO!

Anonymous said...

Wow, home-wrecker alert! I am sure Kayleigh will see Alex's side as soon as he gets a chance to explain.

Sleeping Zazzers said...

... I'm pretty sure they could like press charges for breaking and entering. I really hope Kay will find out that Alex had nothing to do with it!

Thea said...

Ditto Kitty's comment!!! That little gah there's no word for her.

starling68 said...

What a homewrecker!
Ugh I hate her already -_-

Hopefully Alex will get a chance to explain!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I hate Phoenix from the moment I heard about her! If I could get in your game... oh the things I cannot mention I would do to her

Valpre said...

What the hell is wrong with Phoenix? Can I say crazy? Maybe Psycho? I mean seriously who does that? Let themselves into someone's house in the hopes of seducing them. Wow, I hope Kay gives Alex a chance to explain and clear up the business with Phoenix.

Duskwood Legacy said...

Oh my gawd what a little wench!!!

I really hope Kay believes Alex and I really wish he'd said something to her while they were out shopping.

Hugzies said...

What??? The nerve of that blonde bimbo trying to break them, up!!

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