15 Jul 2010

Gen 1 - Chapter 15: Al Simhara

As we landed in Egypt I was speechless by how beautiful the whole place was. Everything was golden and warm, with hints of a lush blue river and green trees. It was so hot I told Claude that as soon as we got to our hotel we had to change into our cotton outfits that the girls had packed for us. When we arrived at the hotel I couldn't believe how beautiful it was, it must have cost Claude a fortune to book a room for the duration of our holiday. It had a moat surrounding it where you could fish for Koi and two very tall towers on either side, I thought it looked like the Taj Mahal. It was just......... breathtaking. It was already late when we arrived so we headed to bed excited for what tomorrow has in store.

We awoke and changed into our new clothes and went to explore the town market and buy a few trinkets for the girls and Billy. There were quite a few shops, and we spent the best part of the day there. We sat by the fountain and ate our lunch, we had Shawarma and it was yummy. I really liked it and decided to buy the recipe so I can learn how to make it at home. While we were in the market we booked a hot air balloon ride for tomorrow, so we could get some pictures of the wonderful sights Egypt has to offer, I can't wait it's going to be a wonderful adventure.

We left the market and went to explore, we came across a little hut with it's own private lake. We stopped to do a spot of fishing before leaving to explore some more. We came across another lake with a very old looking boat stranded on the bank. I noticed there were some very rare Mummy Fish swimming in this lake too, we sat and watched them for a while. Just outside the lake I found a spot in the sand that looked very unusual, I told Claude that we should check it out. I dug around for a bit and found some wonderful treasures to take home. We even had our picture taken with a camel that was tied up nearby.

We headed back to the hotel because it was getting late and we had an early start tomorrow. While I ordered room service Claude ran us a bath. We ate our dinner and relaxed in the bath together. After our lovely bath we went straight to bed, we had to spend some time there, what with it being our honeymoon and all.

We arose early to get ready for our balloon ride, I was looking forward to taking in all the different sights, and seeing where we could explore. The tour guide explained that we would be passing some of the greatest sights they had in Egypt, and would tell us what they were and when to take pictures. We went past Abu Simbel, The Great Sphinx, The Temple of Queen Hatsheput, and The Great Pyramids. I managed to get some wonderful photos for our album back home. I couldn't wait to show the girls everything we had seen today.

We decided to explore the Great Pyramids first thing tomorrow. I made sure we had everything we would need for a long day of exploring, our water bottles, a map, some dried food, compass, first aid kit and shower in a can. After a full night's sleep we were ready to explore.

As we came up to the entrance of the first Pyramid, I couldn't believe how big it was. I felt around for a door, and was surprised when I found the entrance first time. We entered and began to explore. There were bound to be a lot of traps. Claude placed a keystone that he found in a nearby chest into the lock by the door, we were amazed as it started to glow and the door opened.

We entered the next room and found a fire trap surrounded by 7 gravestones, I wonder who they belonged too? In between the two larger headstones was a hole in the wall, I decided to find out what it contained. I was wary of sticking my arm in there at first, but was very surprised when I pulled out a glowing gem.

It must have triggered something too, because I heard a loud creaking noise coming from the next room, I went to see what it was and found a large pile of rocks. I found an axe laying nearby and started chipping away to see what was underneath. It was a coffin, I wondered what or who was inside, I peeked nervously, and very extremely scared by what I saw. I tried to hide in the corner and hoped I wouldn't be seen. Oh My God it's coming towards me, what do I do? I decided to stand my ground, I wasn't about to let this mummy take me away from my family. I prepared myself for the huge fight that was about to happen. Then I pounced!

I was every so shocked when I realised I had won, the mummy swirled up into the air and was engulfed by a puff of dust and turned into a pile of ashes. I had defeated an ancient mummy, all those years of martial arts training had paid off.

I went to look for Claude and realised I was lost, I checked the map and couldn't figure out when I had left him. I hope he is ok. I couldn't help but cry when I found some urns, I really hoped our holiday wouldn't end like this.

I spotted another hole in the floor out of the corner of my eye and had to investigate. It opened another door to a room I could only assumed belonged to someone important, as it contained gorgeous statues and lots of treasure. I heard a scream coming from the next room and ran to see who it had come from. I found Claude on fire, I was so glad that I remembered to bring that shower in a can. I quickly put him out, he was a little burnt but still in one piece.

We hugged and decided to explore a little further before heading back to the hotel. We came across a room that had 6 treasure chests and a large coffin at the end of the rom, I hoped there wasn't another mummy. We quickly checked the chests and took as much as we could carry in our bags, but as we were looking in the last two I heard a loud moan behind us. Oh no it was another mummy, I just hoped I could defeat this one too. Claude told me to get in the other room out of the way, and that he would deal with the mummy. My wonderful Husband wanted to protect me. I watched through a gap in the wall as they fought. I was so happy when Claude won and the mummy faced the same fate as the other I uncounted earlier. We were both relieved that we were safe and decided to have a quick rendezvous in the sarcophagus . Wow I have never woohoo'd in a sarcophagus before, but I was amazed at how romantic it was, even with all the creepy bugs and spiders.

It was getting late, so we decided to head back to our hotel, as we came up the pathway that led to the hotel we noticed a beautiful orchid, so we stopped and picked some fruit to take home. I noticed some butterflies fluttering nearby the bush I was harvesting and remembered that Lyra loves butterflies. I stood in the middle of them as still as I could, I slowly lifted my hand and one of them landed on me. I gently cupped it in my hands and placed it in one of the empty containers I had in my bag. Lyra would love it.

We arrived back at the hotel just gone midnight, and were shocked when the hotel manager informed us that our stay was due to end tomorrow. We had been inside the pyramid for more than a week without realising. I have such a wonderful time on this holiday, and am glad it was something Claude and I could do together. We cuddled up in bed and dozed off ready for a long flight home tomorrow.

We said our goodbyes to the staff at the hotel and thanked them for making our stay wonderful. I told Claude that we would definitely be returning soon, as I had loved it so much. As we waited for our plane to take off I drifted off into a glorious dream that was our holiday. I opened my eyes and looked out the window to realise we were home and due to land any minute. I couldn't wait to see my girl's.

Stay Tuned for chapter 16 of The Stone Family Legacy :)


Anonymous said...

Great job Kim! 'Egypt' is so awesome in the Sims 3. Great pics too! I loved the adventure aspect. :) I'm lookin' forward to chap 16!


strelitzia19 said...

Thanks, yea Egypt and China are my favourites because of the beautiful scenery. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree there. :D paris isn't bad either. ;)

And you're welcome!

Kaleeko said...

Finally got a chance to sit down and get completely caught up!

Such a lovely legacy so far, I adore the level of detail and how well you use the images to transition through movement.. it kind of reminds me of a flip-book. :) I loves it!

I can't wait to see what else you have in store. Gonna make sure you're on my feed-notification-thingiebob!

strelitzia19 said...

Awww thanks for the wonderful comments, I am glad that you are enjoying it so far. I should have the next chapter up by the end of the week :)

Berry said...

oo Happy fun bath time! they looked like they had a lot of fun :)

strelitzia19 said...

Yeah they did, thanks berry :)

Anonymous said...

How did you get them in the tub together? Please share.

strelitzia19 said...

I had them both take a bath and use the "moveObjects On" cheat to move the two baths together :)

Hugzies said...

Great pictures of Egypt, That would be such a fun honeymoon.

Doons99P said...

I've got my Quest's in Egypt at the moment, it's beautiful and you've really captured it here :)

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks :) It is my favourite of the three destinations :)

Quan-Kun said...

Fun honeymoon! I'm glad that they were both able to beat the mummy's! But woohoo in a sarcophagus? I must admit, my sims have never done that. Lol. :)

strelitzia19 said...

Thank-you :D

Valpre said...

Looks like they had fun, great adventurous honeymoon, and your pictures do Al Simhara great justice. They're beautiful.

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks Val :D

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