20 Jul 2010

Gen 1 - Chapter 16: Home

As we pulled up outside our house I couldn't contain my excitement at seeing the girl's again. My god how I have missed them in the two weeks we had been gone. I got out of the car and ran inside to see them, and as soon as I did I pulled them into a hug.

I heard Claude call from outside, he wanted help with our luggage. In all my excitement to see the girl's I forgot all about it. After taking our suitcases to our room we all sat down in the living room to catch up on all that had happened in the past two weeks.

Lily told us all about her and Benji, they had been spending all their spare time hanging out, either at school or after school. Then she told me that he had finally asked her to go out for dinner with him tomorrow evening, she was so excited. I told her we would go shopping for a new outfit for her to wear. My Little girl was finally growing up and she had to look extra special on her first date.

Lyra was very quiet, which is unusual for her. She didn't really say much all night and hardly ate anything at dinner. I asked her if she was OK, she just said she was feeling a little under the weather and went to her room.

Me and Claude decided to go up to bed early, we had had a very long day. As per usual Claude fell asleep straight away, whereas I couldn't get to sleep. I decided to sit and read for bit, just as I was drifting off I heard a retching noise coming from the bathroom. I got up to check and there was Lyra head over the toilet bowl with her finger's down her throat.

As she saw me she ran into her room, I followed her and found her lying on her bed in tears. I didn't know how to react, was she making herself sick on purpose? Or was she ill?

I pulled up a chair next to bed and spoke to her in a soft voice, asking what was going on. I told her I wasn't mad and that I just wanted to know why she was doing this to herself. It took her a few minutes to reply, but when she did I was shocked. She told me about a boy called Jake that she liked at school had wanted to meet her last week after school, when she had gone to meet him she had found him there kissing Susie Lockston. She asked him what was going on and he said that he and Susie were dating. She asked him why he didn't tell her this before he asked her out on a date, his reply was "Why would I ask you on a date? Look at you. You are fat and ugly. Why would I want to date you when I can have the hottest girl in school on my arm." With that she burst into tears again.

I cuddled her and told her it would all be OK, and that she was so beautiful. I said that she shouldn't worry about what other's think of her, just as long as you love yourself and are surrounded by a loving family, you have everything in the world. They are probably two very selfish, unconfident people who seek joy in making others unhappy for no reason when it is in fact them who is unhappy with their own lives. I also told her that if she kept making herself sick I would take her to see a psychiatrist to get help.

She thanked me for being there and promised not to do it again, and layed down to sleep. I sat and watched her sleep for a while before going back to bed. How dare they hurt my Little girl like that.

I woke to the sound of my alarm beeping, I tapped it to shut it off and looked at the clock. I had slept in late, it was nearly eleven o'clock. I quickly got up, had a shower and got dressed before heading downstairs to breakfast. I was happily surprised to find both girls sitting at the table tucking into their cereal, I am glad mine and Lyra's little chat had a positive effect on her. I told Lily that I would be ready to leave as soon as I had finished my breakfast, to make sure she was ready. Maybe I could get a few ideas as to what to buy the girl's for their birthday next month. I can't believe they are growing up so quickly.

I ate my cereal and called Lily, she came running down the stairs. I agreed to let her drive seeing as how they had both passed their driving tests while me and Claude where on honeymoon. The local boutique was only a five minute drive away, so we soon arrived. Lily was clearly excited to be going on her first date, so I knew I would be spending a lot of money to find her the perfect outfit. I didn't mind though, they wouldn't be teenagers forever.

She had her hair done and tried on a few outfits, not liking any of them before finally stepping out of the changing room in a gorgeous top and skirt. She examined herself in the mirror before finally agreeing this was the perfect outfit for the date, all she needed now were new shoes. When she finally settled on a pair that went perfectly with her outfit, we payed at the till and went out for lunch. I took her to the new boxcar diner in town, it was a cheap but very friendly place. The food wasn't five star, but was nicer than I expected and what with the atmosphere being so friendly it was so relaxing being there.

We finished our meal and headed home. As we walked in the door I knew something was wrong. Lily bounded up the stairs to show Lyra what she had bought for her date. I walked into the living room to find Claude and Billy sitting on the sofa with a very solemn look on their faces, what was going on?

Stay tuned for chapter 17 to see what is going on :)


Anonymous said...

Dang that was a great update, Kim! Sounds like Jake is a bastard. :( That was a horrible thing of him to say and do to her daughter. If I was her mother I'd have to kill him, lol.

Can't wait for the next update!!! :D

Kaleeko said...

Poor Lyra. :-/ Hopefully she comes to realize what a jerk Jake is, and becomes happier with who she is. Don't need boys or perfect skinniness to be loved!

Great update, look forward to seeing what "the boys" are looking so serious about. :)

Kittycattylion said...

I hope she didn't hurt herself again..


strelitzia19 said...

@ jenssims, I would do if it was my daughter :)

Thanks Kaleeko, yea I hope so too :)

Thanks Kitty, you will just have to wait and see lol :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim. This chapter is so accurate to real life. Why do men and boys have to be such pigs sometimes? lol. Of course, I'm one to talk. I turn my own male characters into pigs half the time. :P

Hugzies said...

Aw I hate when boys think we have to be perfect or try to make us feel bad about the way we look. I hope she is ok!

Sleeping Zazzers said...

Oh. I hope the boys in my high school will be nicer than Jake was and I hope I won't have crushes on jerks like that.

Quan-Kun said...

What a chapter! I hope Lyra didn't do anything to herself... *goes to read next chapter*

strelitzia19 said...

Thank-you :D

Valpre said...

I hate Jake for saying all those nasty things to Lyra, what a jerk. But seeing Jenna be there for her was touching. She is an amazing mom.

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks Val, Jake is a piece of work :D

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