8 Oct 2010

Gen 2 - Chapter 12: Why Me?

Authors note: This chapter will be told from Kayleigh's POV.

I could hear Mum calling up the stairs that it was time to get up and get ready for school, but I just couldn't bring myself to get out of bed. I really didn't want to go, I wasn't ill, but I knew it would mean seeing HER and have her say all those mean things to me. I really hated her, I have done nothing to her and yet she still picks on me ALL the time. I know I should tell Mum, but I don't want to give her more things to deal with, she has to work, look after the twins and clean the house, she really doesn't need my problems too.

I heard Mum call again and knew if I didn't get up that she would come up, so I climbed out of bed and got myself ready, I had a quick shower, brushed my teeth and done my hair. Uggghhhh why do I have to have ginger hair, I hate it!

Once I was ready I made my way downstairs for some cereal, I sat down and had just started eating when Mum came in from the kitchen. She asked if everything was OK at school, I mumbled "yeah, everything is fine Mum" before shoving another spoonful of cereal into my mouth in the hopes that she wouldn't ask me any more questions. She pulled out the chair next me and sat down, she said "If there is anything wrong honey you know you can always talk to me, you can tell me anything. I am always here if you need me." I just nodded and said OK.

I put my empty bowl in the dishwasher and just as I grabbed my school bag I heard the horn of the school bus. I shouted bye to Mum and ran out the door, once on the bus I spotted Kitty and sat next to her, we chatted all the way there. I always enjoyed this part, it was just me and Kitty, no-one to disturb us. As the bus pulled up outside school I looked around nervously for Catarina, I spotted her in the far corner of the playground laughing with Sophie, probably about me. I grabbed Kitty's hand and hurriedly made our way inside to our lockers. Once there I placed my bag inside and grabbed my books for Science and closed my locker.

We made our way to class and our seats, Mr Hadsworth was already at his desk. Me and Kitty were the first ones in, but everyone else soon followed, including Catarina and Sophie. They always sat on the table next to ours and laughed and snickered at me through the whole lesson. Mr Hadsworth never really noticed, if he did he never said anything. Today we were learning about the water cycle, Mr Hadsworth said that we had had 4Cm's of rain in the past month, boring!
After Science we had English with Mrs Tipp, I didn't mind English, Mrs Tipp was really nice and whenever she saw Catarina and Sophie laughing she would tell them to hush or they would be going to the principals office.

Lunch was OK, me and Kitty always sat outside at one of the picnic tables, unless it was raining. Everyday at lunch Catarina and Sophie would always come over to us and be mean to me, today was no different, Kitty always stuck up for me though, and shouted back at her. Today seemed different though I could see Kitty tensing up as Catarina got closer to us. I just knew something bad was going to happen.

Catarina stopped as she approached our table and spat " Eugh look at you today ginge, maybe we should cut all her hair off Sophie, see how she likes that." As she reached for her pocket I saw Kitty stand up and walk over to Catarina, she grabbed her hair and said "Why don't you try picking on someone else for a change, I'm not scared of you Catarina." That was when the fight started....

Both girls got a few punches in before Miss Tipp intervened and pulled them apart. She crossly said "What's going on here then? Why are you two fighting?" "She started it Miss, we were only walking past." Catarina snickered. "Both of you can go straight to the office, and expect your parents to be called too." Miss Tipp replied.

I waited until Catarina and Sophie had walked off before approaching Miss Tipp "Miss, it wasn't Kitty fault, Catarina has been picking on me, Kitty was just sticking up for me Miss." I pleaded. "Kayleigh why haven't you told anyone about this before?" She asked. "I don't know miss, I was kinda hoping she would just stop." With that I burst into tears.."I'm sorry Miss, I know I should have said something." "Oh Kayleigh...Come on lets go call your mum and get her to come and collect you." She replied and led me to the office, Mum was going to be so mad..... .

Stay tuned for chapter 13 :)


starling68 said...

Poor Kayleigh :(
It was a great update though!

HaloKitzen said...

Aw, poor Kayleigh!

buckeygirl80 said...

AW, Poor Kayleigh! Go kid Kitty! Take on those bullies! I'm glad the bullying is out in the open though, hopefully she will be ok now!

Berry said...

Go Kitty!! Kick that nasty girls booty! WoooooT!

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks guys, I know how feisty Kitty can be, so thought it was perfect for this lol :)

Doons99P said...

Great update :)

Kittycattylion said...

I am officially the shit!
I'd never hurt a fly in real life, though.. way too shy to fight anyone! XD

strelitzia19 said...

Lol :)

jen said...

OMG, like I've said before, it just gets better and better. The fight was awesome! And now I guess Kayleigh's mom will finally find out... Uh-oh. Can't wait for the next chapter! :D

btw that was funny was kittycattylion said above 'I am officially the shit'... hehe

strelitzia19 said...

Kitty is "the shit" indeed :P

Thanks for your comments, I always appreciate them, it's been so fun writing this generation so far :)

jen said...

*hugs* ! ^.^

M.J. said...

Poor Kayleigh. She's pretty with ginger hair though. And Woo for Kitty!

Great update! I love the way you tell your story. It's so real.

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks M.J, I love Kayleigh's hair/eye colour combo, she is gorgeous. :)

Thea said...

Great update! I am so glad she has Kitty there to protect her :-). I hope Catarina will learn not to mess with Kayleigh or she'll get her eye scratched out by our fierce Kitty!

strelitzia19 said...

My thoughts exactly Thea, Kitty protects her friends :)

Hugzies said...

I love that pic of Kitty fists up and rearin to go! I am glad its finally out in the open so that they can do something to stop that nasty little bully.

Jojo777 said...

Awww, poor Kayleigh! Go Kitty! Great update, as usual :)

Anonymous said...

EEk I'm late on posting!!

I loved it!!! Kitty is so awesome and the fight scene was just "GO GO KITTY KICK SOME BULLY BUTTS!!"


VickyLouise3 said...

Ive just been through your whole legacy! Its taken a couple of days but i love it! :D lol

Poor Kayleigh, i hope the bullying gets sorted out! Well done Kitty for sticking up for her friend.

Cant wait for the next chapter!

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks, I'm glad you are enjoying it. The next chapter will be up either today or tomorrow :)

Quan-Kun said...

I'm glad Kitty got a few punches in! Great chapter. :D

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks :D

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