2 Oct 2010

Gen 2 - Chapter 11: A Mother's Worry

The last few weeks have passed in a blur, what with the twins birthdays, Kayleigh starting school and my maternity leave ending. I have been working four days a week from 8:30 until 6pm, it means less time at home, but at least I get to send Kayleigh off to school each morning and be home in time to help put her and the twins to bed. Jacob has been working the early shift, so has been home by 2pm each day to relieve the sitter and take care of the kids. The twins are growing so much, they have started taking a few steps on their own, it was a little later than normal but we weren't too worried. They are gorgeous and so different from each other, yet they have to be around each other all the time. We have had to move their cribs side by side just to get them to settle properly each night, and when we have been to check on them we have found them sound asleep holding each others hand. I love watching their little personalities grow.

Today was a busy day at work, lots of discharges to write up and handing out plenty of medication, and just catching up with everyone. With it being so busy the day flew by and it was soon time to go home to my brood.

When I got home Jacob was bathing the twins and Kayleigh was in her room, I had noticed she seemed to be spending a lot of her time in there. Whenever I got home from work she would be in her, either with kitty or reading. I popped my head round the door and said hi to Jacob and the twins who were laughing happily in the bath and headed up to see how Kayleigh's day at school was.

I found her sitting on her bed watching one of her SimBie DVDs, I waited while she paused it before speaking. I asked her what lessons she had been having and if she had made any new friends, she told me that she was enjoying art, and that her teacher was really nice. She seemed a little quiet when saying that she only played with kitty, so rather than push her I decided to leave it, she would talk to me when she was ready. I told her to get showered and changed into her pyjamas ready for bed.

By the time I had finished chatting to Kayleigh Jacob had already finished bathing the twins and was just getting them changed and ready for their bottles. I made my way downstairs to grab them from the fridge and heat them up, they refused to drink them cold. I took the bottles up and handed them to the twins, while they drank them I gave Jacob a cuddle and asked how his day was, since his promotion we rarely saw each other at work anymore, let alone at home. All our time at home was spent taking care of our three beautiful children.

I was about to give him a kiss when I felt a tug on my trouser leg, I looked down and saw Melody smiling up at me, I scooped her up and kissed the top of her head. I looked at her and let out a small laugh, she was babbling away like anything in the hopes that I could understand. I just smiled again, nodded my head and said "Oh really". After our little chat I gently placed her in her crib while Jacob sorted Mason out, I kissed them both and quietly left the room.

With it being the end of the working week I thought it would be a nice time for us to let our hair down with a couple of drinks by candle light in the garden. The sun was setting beautifully in the distance and some birds seemed to have nested in our cherry tree, a perfect setting for our evening. I poured us both a glass of red wine and joined Jacob on our new cedar decking, I had to move the pillow as I always found it uncomfortable when I sat down on the swing seat.

I looked at Jacob as he sipped his wine, his eyes reflecting warmly in the candlelight, we exchanged gossip for a while. He told me about the lady who was too heavy for the stretcher and the man who cut his leg off in a freak accident, I find that I'm a very good audience I "oohed" and "aahed" in all the right places. Then I told him about Brenda on Ward C who is having a baby but even she isn't sure of the Dad so we have been trying to guess, my vote is for Alphonso the scary looking Radiologist. I left my biggest concern until last though. I explained that I had a suspicion that something was wrong with Kayleigh, that she seemed to be a bit withdrawn. He told me that he would keep an eye out when was with her and see if he noticed anything. I felt reassured as he spent more time with her than I did, I knew he would notice if anything was wrong, at least I hoped he would.

I took a sip of my wine and snuggled closer to him, he enveloped me in a kiss and suggested we take a shower. Mmmmm that sounded good, we hadn't really been able to have any alone time for a while. His hands were cold against my skin as he helped me out of my clothes. The steam filled the bathroom, as I rubbed Shower Gel onto my body, Jacob's stubble brushed against my shoulder as his hands moved around to my stomach. He nibbled and kissed my neck ever so gently, his hands moving lower with every kiss..........

Stay tuned for chapter 12 :)


Thea said...

Perhaps another one on the way then ;-). Great update

strelitzia19 said...

You never know ;)

starling68 said...

Oooh ;)
Can't wait for your next update!

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks :)

Kittycattylion said...

(which also means marvellous in my book)

Anonymous said...

Awww I love the kids they are all just so cute!

*crosses fingers for another one* ;)

Great update

Sky from

Anonymous said...

I lol'd quite a bit when Lyra was sitting on Kayleigh's bed. Kayleigh's expression was priceless

Otherwise, I loved this update ^_^

strelitzia19 said...

@ Kitty, thanks glad you enjoyed it. I was worried it may have been a bit much :)

@ Sky, thanks :)

@ ay2cee, Yea her face was really funny, I was lol'ing while taking the shots :)

HaloKitzen said...

Great chapter! Kayleigh, Kayleigh, Kayleigh. :)

Jojo777 said...

Awww, nice update! Poor Kayleigh :(

The twins are soo cute!

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks for reading :)

jen said...

That was HAWT!!! I loved it. Nice chapter, including the yumminess at the end. :P Poor Kayleigh, I can't wait till her parents find out about the bullies at her school. :( by the way, I read your comment, and you didn't copy from my 'Riverview' story!! Almost any romance I've ever seen on TV, movies or read in books includes some romantic shower scene, lol. :D

*hugs* ! <3

Hugzies said...

oooh steamy! Baby makin in the shower hehe

I hope that Kayleigh is alright.

strelitzia19 said...

I was a little worried you might think that I copied, but I'm so pleased you don't think that. Glad you like the chapter, everything should be revealed within the next few chapters hopefully :)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Sexy ;) I loved it! This generation is so great so far.

Also, side note, I LOVE the wallpaper that you used in the twins' room and the way that you've decorated Lyra's office. :D

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks, yeah Lyra has stole my heart :)

jen said...

Hi, me again. Nope, no reason to have been worried. :) Never would've thought that at all. Yes, loved the chapter as well! Can't wait to see what's next! :D

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks Jen, I'm still trying to decide what to do next lol. I have loads of ideas running through my head, just got to put them down on paper. :)

jen said...

I know what you mean. :D

btw: they did a link to your blog on a TMN article, so congratz! :) ^.^

strelitzia19 said...

TMN?? Do you have the link please?

strelitzia19 said...

Don't worry I know what it is now, it twigged a few seconds after, god I feel like such a twit for not knowing straight away :D

Thanks :)

Doons99P said...

oohhh - very steamy *wink* loved it :D

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

This probably seems silly, but how do you do some of those scenes? In the last chapter, I have no idea how you managed to take pictures of them at school, and have them wear uniforms! How did you manage that? This chapter has a shower scene that I don't know how I would reproduce in my game for fun. Could you let me in on your secret? Thanks :) love the story, I check everyday for a new chapter :D

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks for your wonderful comments, I hope to get a new chapter up today as I have been banned from the sims 3 website for 72 hours for nothing :(

I use the "moveObjects On" cheat for the shower scene and just get them to pose how I would before placing them together to take the shot, and for the school shots, all I did was build a new lot that looked like a school and place a duplicate copy of the sims I needed in that house wearing a dress from the base game in school colours and take the shots :)

Hop it sounds easy enough :)

jen said...

OMG, I read your message on my blog, I'm soooo sorry. I can't believe they banned you for that picture! I see they're on a ban spree again, similar to the ones they've had before, the bastards. I feel like doing a thread on there...

>.> >.<

jen said...

here's my thread, but i know it'll get deleted shortly. http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/0/272727.page#3630220

sorry, I should've asked you first before posting and I wasn't thinking.

jen said...

sorry that effing link doesn't work >.<

strelitzia19 said...

That's OK, lol I really don't care about being banned, well I am pissed off but hey what can I do, I have emailed them my piece on the matter. It was for the newer version of my simself which apparently had a CC naked top, even though there wasn't any CC on her when I uploaded her as that was the only way to get her to upload. Oh well guess I'll have the next 72 hours to work on updates :)

jen said...

I saw your latest post, and I'm glad you aren't annoyed with me, lol. :)

there's no excuse for them banning you. There's thousands of sims on the exchange with the naked cc top, etc. and that pic you posted was NOTHING. Grrr

jen said...

lol, I'll probably join you in a ban. :P But seriously it doesn't bother me, I hardly post on the forums anyway. :)

strelitzia19 said...

I know, I explained it all to them and they just said that due to the nature of the incident they need longer to sort out the problem, I apologised to them, even though I didn't do anything wrong. You would think that just deleting the offensive item and sending a warning or something to the person would be better than just banning them. I really love that picture too and am just going to re-upload the sim again so I can use that picture :)

jen said...

'due to the nature of the incident they need longer to sort out the problem'? What the heck does that mean?

Anyhow, yes they should've sent a warning first. But deleting it? There was nothing wrong with it, either the pic, sim or whatever. I've noticed since they 'hired' the new mod that more threads have been locked, etc. Do you think the new mod has anything to do with this? I don't understand it.

That's stupid you'd have to re-upload. Like I said, there's far worse on the exchange, and there's also been way worse pics posted... WTH

Well, sorry again. *hugs*

strelitzia19 said...

I really don't know, I think it's just there way of saying deal with it we're not changing our minds lol :)

I don't think so, I haven't seen the new mod on the forums for a while, SimGuruHydra has been locking the majority or threads.

Thanks *hugs*

jen said...

Most likely. >.<

So that's who's been locking threads. Hmmm... Bitch. lol.

You're welcome :)

I saw where you wanted to be a mod, I wish they WOULD hire you. At least you'd do your job correctly.

strelitzia19 said...

Yeah well I've got no chance of becoming one now lol :)

jen said...

Oh, no. I'm sorry. I still think you have a chance though, they shouldn't hold this against you. Of course, you have to basically suck ass on the forums and work really hard. I couldn't do that >.< I kinda tend to think they choose favorites also.... the gurus' personal faves, whether they'd admit to it or not.

Anyhow, if you can't be mod, I wouldn't worry about it, that stupid forum isn't worth it anyhow.

BTW: hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I'm BANNED for 72 hours now!!!!! LOL!!!! I think it's hilarious. :P My hubby got the email, and he said he laughed his a** off, because he knows how crazy I am.


strelitzia19 said...

Haha I knew you would find it funny, they must be on a banning spree because they have also banned kerby414 and alexurt1 too! That's a whole load of money EA are going to be loosing out on now, they were their two biggest spenders I think. Alexurt was very kind and gifted me all of the new sets yesterday too. :)

jen said...

Hey! sorry I haven't been back in a day or so! I heard about it too; and today they've banned like freakin' FOUR more!!!! WTH?! Gosh, you ain't lying, they will not be making nearly as much $$$ in their dumb store now! Yes, Alexurt was one of the kindest ones on there!

jen said...

Oh yeah, my hubby thought it was funny that I got banned, lol, at least until he found out today that he couldn't play football online!


btw, I think you posted another chapter, so I'll check it out ASAP!!

jen said...

which, of course it bugs me too that they're Nazis and won't let us play our other EA games online. It's wrong of them to do that. :( I cussed them out more about that on my blog... >.<

sorry to spam your comments section!

strelitzia19 said...

No worries lol, your comments always put a smile on my face. Yeah I saw you post about it and had a big old discussion with my other half about it. :)

jen said...

Kewl. Glad ya don't mind! lol :) The whole situation is crazy.. they need to stop banning people on the forums who don't deserve it!

Valpre said...

Oooh, you know I'm a fan of naughty so when I saw those last few shots, my jaw dropped to the floor.

strelitzia19 said...

Lol Val :D

Welcome To The Stone Family Blog.

I would like to introduce you to my founder, Jenna Stone and her husband Claude Stone.

Jenna's traits are:

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Family Orientated


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Jenna is an artistic person, and can always be found painting her worries away. She wants a big family, she say's a home filled with laughter is the place to be. When she isn't painting she can be found either out in the garden or at the library reading. Being Eco-friendly she likes to recycle, take quick showers and just generally take care of the planet. She still remembers the first day she met Claude like it was yesterday. He was walking past as she left the library, and her being the bookworm that she is had her head stuck in her favourite book and bumped into him. Claude caught her and as their eyes met they instantly felt the attraction towards one another, and from that day they never left each others side.

Claude's traits are:

Family Orientated





His favourites include:


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Claude is very athletic, most days he can be found working out at the gym or with his family.He is also very charismatic and loves to make friends and meet new people. He is very career orientated and because he is a schmoozer he makes friends with colleagues very quickly. He is very family orientated and would love 4 or 5 children. He has always wanted a large family and never thought it would be possible until he met Jenna. He and Jenna were engaged within 6 months of meeting, they had a whirlwind romance and neither could imagine life without the other.

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