28 Oct 2010

Gen 2 - Chapter 15: Repercussions

Authors Note: This chapter will be told from both Lyra and Kayleigh's POV.

**Lyra's POV**

I heard footsteps. The man ran down the stairs. Jacob's surprised shout echoed through the house. A door slammed. I stood shocked and speechless at Kayleigh's door, I felt numb as I walked downstairs, and collapsed into Jacob's arms.

We headed through into the kitchen, I explained what I had seen as Jacob made us both a coffee, I waited for him to join me before discussing what the best course of action in dealing with it was going to be.

Jacob took the twins off to get ready for bed, and told Kayleigh that she had five minutes to compose herself, and then she needed to be downstairs as there were things that needed to be discussed. Kayleigh came downstairs and made herself a glass of squash, came through into the living room and sat on the sofa. Her eyes looked red and puffy, I knew that she had been crying, I had to hold my sympathy until we had the answers that we needed.

Jacob started our interrogation "Your Mother's told me what she saw, of course neither of us are particularly impressed, and we feel that you have some explaining to do. Firstly, who the hell was that?"

"That's Alex, he's my boyfriend." Kayleigh murmured, more to the table than to us.

"Does this Alex have a surname?" Jacob asked.

"Erm...Smith...I think." Kayleigh answered, her face was betrayed by her own un-sureness.

"Smith, you think!? Smith, as in Kate Smith, the lady who manages the bank in town?" Jacob queried.

"Yeah...I think so." Kayleigh answered.

"Well she's gotta be pushing fifty, so how old is this Alex?" Jacob wondered.

Kayleigh paused before answering, "He's twenty-two, he's got his own motorbike, and his own flat, and yes Dad....I love him!"

I could feel Jacob tensing up beside me as he replied "Twenty-two...Twenty-two, my god Kayleigh, you're SIXTEEN, are you mad, he's WAY too old for you, you are a silly irresponsible child. I FORBID you to ever see him again, from now on you go to school, and if you are not back in this house by three thirty there will be serious consequences!"

I could see the tears start to fall as Kayleigh got up, she glared at Jacob and screamed, "I knew you would never understand...I HATE YOU! and ran off to her room.

I knew that what she had done was wrong, but I felt so torn, I was her Mother, I was supposed to be there to comfort her when she needed me, not watch as she ran off in tears. Jacob must have sensed what I was feeling because he pulled me into him and whispered that she would be OK, just to give her some time, alone. I knew he was right, she would see soon enough. I kissed him and said that I was going to head up to bed, as I was knackered.

I checked on the twins, who were sleeping soundly, and paused outside Kayleigh's door, not knowing whether to go in or not. I could hear her still crying, so decided to leave her as I didn't want to upset her further. I washed my face and changed into my pyjamas before climbing into bed, hoping everything would look better in the morning.

The next few weeks passed in a blur, Kayleigh refused to leave her room, except for meals and school, and even then she refused to even acknowledge me or Jacob. I had noticed that she had been throwing up for the past few days, I made a note to myself that if it continued I would take her to the doctors, maybe it was just the stress of the whole situation.

**Kayleigh's POV**

I love Alex, and he loves me, why couldn't they see that? I really hate them for doing this to me. Everyone at school has been talking about what a loser I am, it's OK for Kitty, she's still allowed to date Alex's brother, Devan, even though he's in the year above us at school.

I hated being apart from him. I've starting being sick too, every morning I wake up feeling nauseous and I have to rush to the bathroom. We were careful...so I know I can't be pregnant...can I? I knew I had to get a test just to make sure, I text Kitty asking her to get one for me and bring it to school, as I still wasn't allowed out.

I headed off to school feeling very nervous, I really hope the test doesn't prove me wrong, what would I do? School was pretty boring today, at lunch Kitty and Devan were ALL over each other as usual, normally it wouldn't bother me, but at the minute I was still so hung up on Alex, I was envious of her, she had everything while I had nothing.

When school had finished I shouted bye to Kitty and told her I would talk to her later, and rushed home. Mum was at the door waiting for the twin's bus to pull up, I smiled weakly at her and headed for my room. I pulled the test out of my bag and slung it on the floor by the window, before heading into the bathroom. I made sure that the door was locked, I could feel my heart beating nervously in my chest, my hands were clammy as I opened the wrapper.

I waited the three minutes and had to force myself to look. I carefully picked the test up and when I saw the results I burst into tears.......my worst fears were confirmed...I was pregnant!

Stay tuned for chapter 16 :)


buckeygirl80 said...

Oooooh my goodness! Poor Kayleigh, she's got a rough road ahead of her! So, are you using a mod for teen pregnancy, or is Kayleigh technically a YA? Just curious.
I wonder what kind of guy Alex really is. Is he gonna be there for Kayleigh or split? Hmmm....

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks for reading buckey :)

I'm using the woohooer by Twallans, so she's still a teen and Alex is a YA. Lets hope for her sake that he sticks by her :D :D

VickyLouise3 said...

Ohh, poor kayleigh! Shes going to have it tough.
Cant wait to find out how everyone handles the news, including Alex! Great update!

Thea said...

Yikes preggers at 16! That is going to be hard on the Stone family. But I'm sure Lyra and Jacob will come round to it. They are so loving how could they not!

Anonymous said...


I can't wait to see how Alex takes this...or her parents for that matter.

Oh dear poor Lyra will have kittens when she finds out her baby girl has been knocked up


Charlie12309 said...

Oh poor Kayleigh, I hope everything works out ok, and that Alex is a decent enough guy to stay with her. And I really want to know how her parents are going to take this :/
I love your legacy and even though I don't always comment I keep up with your updates and love them :) cant wait to see what happens next

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks guys, I love reading your comments, and seeing what you think of the latest updates :)

Anonymous said...

that's ok we like giving throwing our comments at you ;)

and speaking of unplanned children I'm off to think about whether little Annie should stay in the house or go to live with her brother and his new guardians.


starling68 said...

Woah. Poor Kayleigh, It'll will be difficult at first with the family, but I'm sure they'll come around. And I'm really interested to see if Alex will stick around of not..

Great update! :)

Rheassi said...

Aww I feel really bad for Kayleigh.. Its not going to be easy! I hope Alex takes it well and it man enough to do what it right.. I really feel for Lyra and Jacob.. They are going to be very unhappy parents!

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks Rheassi, I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment :)

Lets hope they don't take it too badly :S

Cami said...

Ooh pregnant at 16! I'm curious to see how everyone takes the news now. What's done is done after all - time to step up and support her all around (I hope anyway)

Kittycattylion said...

yikes!! Kayleigh!
I hope Alex will turn out to be the guy Kayleigh thinks he is..

strelitzia19 said...

Thank guys, I know lets just hope he's the "perfect guy" she thinks he is :)

Jojo777 said...

Oh no, I can't even believe it!! I hope Kayleigh's okay! I have a feeling Alex isn't going to be there for her... but no matter what her family will stick by her and the baby :)

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh! Kayleigh made an oopsie. Wonder what her older BF will think?! Or Lyra??

Great chapter as always! And yay for mods!! :P

this is JEN (Bloodlust, Riverview, etc.), it made me sign in as anonymous because it wouldn't let me use my google or wordpress account!! AGH!!!! XD

Doons99P said...

Love the drama :)

Hugzies said...

Oh deary! preggers? Its good tht even if Alex isnt who she think he is she dos have a pretty good group of supporters who will be there to help her with the baby.

Berry said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my! You have quite a bit of drama building, here. :) Poor Kayleigh. I hope everything turns out all right!

Buttonsginger said...

Oh....how wonderful a new life...how sad a teenager is now going to be a grown up before her time......this will be very interesting to see how the family copes together.....

Tiny1 said...

Good legacy :)
Thanks for following my blog btw! :D

Anonymous said...

Poor Kayleigh. I wonder how her parents and Alex are going to take the news.

Quan-Kun said...

Oooooh, things are getting good... The Stone family has quite the challenge ahead of them. :D

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks guys :D

Eni/Angelpaint said...

Ooh-er! Just got this far and I LOVE it up to now and undoubtably beyond! I was gonna plugh through every chapter before I started commenting, but the drama! I had to say something!

Anonymous said...

whats the link for the woohooer teen pregancy??

Welcome To The Stone Family Blog.

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Claude's traits are:

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Claude is very athletic, most days he can be found working out at the gym or with his family.He is also very charismatic and loves to make friends and meet new people. He is very career orientated and because he is a schmoozer he makes friends with colleagues very quickly. He is very family orientated and would love 4 or 5 children. He has always wanted a large family and never thought it would be possible until he met Jenna. He and Jenna were engaged within 6 months of meeting, they had a whirlwind romance and neither could imagine life without the other.

What will the future hold for the Stone's.