19 Dec 2010

Gen 3 - Chapter One: Just You And Me Kid.

Mum and Dad were due home any minute; I had spent the morning tidying up any mess that the twins had left before they headed off to school, so the house was lovely and tidy for when they arrived back from their holiday. The past week had been wonderful, Jasper and I were really starting to bond, I could see that same look that he gives Mum twinkling in his eyes when he now looked at me, I couldn't have felt happier. I had been searching online for a new job, as my current one at the spa didn't offer enough hours. I had found a few, but all the ones worth applying for were based in Bridgeport. I knew this could be the fresh start that I needed, me and Jasper could have a new life surrounded by new faces.

As I went upstairs to check on Jasper I heard a car pull up, I assumed it would be Mum and Dad, so I gently lifted Jasper out from his crib and made my way downstairs to greet them. They were laden with suitcases and shopping bags from their trip, and they both looked different....happy.....and then I spotted the ring on Mum's finger.

"Oh my god, did you guys get married?" I asked excitedly.

Mum blushed and gave Dad a knowing smile before saying "Yes, we did, and it was beautiful. Just let me take these bags upstairs and we will show the photos."

I settled Jasper on his play mat in the corner of the room, and comfied myself on the two-seater sofa. I sat and watched him while I waited for Mum, he was making soft gurgling noises at his toys, and it was so adorable. I'm still slightly disappointed with myself for missing out on so much of his life, I had a lot of making up to do.

A few seconds later they joined us, Mum was carrying what looked to be a photo album; full of wedding pictures I assume, and Dad had two gift bags. I was still a little shocked that they had gotten married, but I guess they had been side-tracked for long enough and it couldn't have a more perfect time for them. Mum sat next to me and as she opened the album I gasped "Mum..you look absolutely stunning!"

"She did, didn't she." Dad gushed.

Mum smiled at him and continued to turn to the next page, the pictures were breathtaking...their wedding looked like something out of a fairytale. The beautiful purple-tinted sunset, the sparkling Eiffel Tower in the distance...all so luminous. I couldn't have been more happier for them, they were both in the late 40's and were still so much in love. It made me realise that even with all the drama that had already happened in my life..I wanted to feel like they did, to be in a relationship with the one person who would be as devoted to me as I was them. I deserved to be happy, didn't I?

As Mum turned the last page of the album Dad handed me the two gift bags.."This one is for you, and this is Jasper's."

I placed Jasper's on the table as I opened mine, inside was a beautiful pale green French style choker. I hugged them both and said thank-you and asked Mum if she could do it up for me. "It matches your eyes beautifully." she said as I turned to face her. I made my way over to the mirror and as my eyes met the glass I couldn't help but smile, it was perfect. I joined them back on the sofa and opened Jasper's gift, they had bought him a intricately carved solid oak music box. I wound the key on the back and opened it, as the music started playing Jasper gurgled happily as if to say thank-you.

It had been almost a fortnight since I had sent off my C.V to a few job openings, and I still hadn't heard anything. I guess I should probably head into town and see if there are any jobs going anywhere, even another part-time one would do, it would be Christmas soon and I hadn't been able to afford to buy anyone's gifts yet. As I wrapped Jasper up in his blanket so that he wouldn't get cold I heard my mobile ring, I placed him in his pushchair and raced upstairs to grab it before whoever was calling hung-up. "Hello?"

"Is that Miss Stone?"

"Erm..yes it is, may I ask who's calling please." I inquired.

"It's Mrs Hill, I'm Mr Dion's assistant.....you applied for the secretarial position at his firm and I am calling to let you know that you were personally selected by Mr Dion himself. He thinks you have what it takes and would like to invite you down for an interview Monday morning at 9AM."

I couldn't barely contain my excitement as I told Mrs Hill that I could make it, and would see her then. I knew that this was one of the jobs in Bridgeport and the commute was a two hour round trip. It was too far to travel everyday.

After giving Jasper his lunch and settling him in his crib I switched on my laptop and typed in a few letting agent addresses into the search bar. I needed to find a suitable apartment before Monday, and that was only 4 days away. All the ones that were within my budget were either way too small or on the wrong side of town. There was a gentle knock on the door "Come in" I said. It was Mum, she must have just got home from her afternoon shift at the hospital.

"What's going on?" She stated looking back and forth between me and my laptop.

"I was going to tell you and Dad later, after dinner. I'm looking for an apartment, I've been offered a job in Bridgeport. The hours are good and the pay is even better. I know it's far, but I feel it's something I need to do, a fresh start for me and Jasper." I simply stated. I wasn't going to back down, this was something I had to do.

"That's great news" I could hear the excitement in her voice. "It sounds like it's a great opportunity for you, and you should definitely take it. Have you found an apartment that is suitable yet?

"Not really, all the ones within my budget are either too small or on the outskirts of town.." I said a little disappointed, I didn't want her to think that this wasn't going work, I mean it looked as though I couldn't even get somewhere to stay.

"Oh, I'm sure something will come up, have you tried calling them to see if there are any that haven't been posted on the site yet? She queried.

"I hadn't actually thought about that..yet." I replied sheepishly.

Jasper was sleeping soundly, so I wrote down a few numbers and headed to the other room to make the calls. Turns out Mum was right 'Simmers at home' had a two bed, one bath apartment a few blocks from where I would be working that had only just become vacant. I scribbled down a few details and agreed to meet the letting agent there first thing tomorrow morning. I knew Mum wouldn't mind babysitting as she had the next few days off work, and we usually spent her days off doing something together, either going out for lunch or going shopping.

I told Mum and dad that evening and they both seemed happy for me, although I could tell Mum was a little torn that I was 'flying the nest' so soon after getting back on my feet. I assured her that this was the chance I needed and would call everyday if necessary just to let her know I was OK. She seemed to relax a little at my words, which relieved me no end, I didn't want her to worry. Once everyone had finished dinner I cleared the plates, then headed up to bath Jasper and get him ready for bed. I had to sort out a few clothes and belongings to take with me, if the place was perfect I would need to stay on and get it cleaned up ready for us to move in.

I kissed Jasper gently on the head, so as not to wake him. I collected the bags that I was taking with me and put them in the boot of the car. Mum pulled me into a huge hug, and gave me an envelope. I opened it and found that it contained a LOT of money..."I can't take this" I said.

"Yes, you can..it's to help with furnishing the apartment. Me and your father were saving it for the wedding, but obviously we don't need it now" she laughed. I thanked her and told her I would call once I had seen the apartment to let her know what was happening. I could see Mum waving as I drove off..I turned on the radio and waved back.

As I neared the city I was a little gobsmaked at how different it was compared to our sleepy little town. There were skyscrapers that must be at least 15 floors high, not to mention the bridge, which I guessed was one of the focal points as it was so big, and seemed to seperate what I could only assume to be mansions on the outskirts, and small houses or apartments located in the centre.

It took me a while, and I had to ask directions a few times before I finally pulled up outside a building that matched the address given to me by the letting agent. I parked the car and as I neared the front of the building saw a rather 'homely' looking man. "Hi, are you Mr Gregson?" I asked.

"Yes, I am..I take it you are Miss Stone and are here to view apartment B2?"

"Yes, I am" I replied.

I followed him into the elevator which took us up to the thirteenth floor. He unlocked the door to the apartment and made his way inside...it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, as it was still really unclean.

"As the apartment has only just been made available we haven't had time to come in and clean it." Mr Gregson simply stated.

"Oh, that's OK..I have a few days here, so I can do that, if I take it." I told him.

I walked from room to room examing everything, it looked to have enough space for me and Jasper. Once I had cleaned it up I'm sure it would look great, and it was a great price for the size.

"I'll take it"

"Great, I'll get the fitters to come and install your kitchen tomorrow. Now if you will just sign here..and here the place is all yours."

Once Mr gregson had left I changed into some old clothes that I had bought with me and quickly called Mum, she seemed happy that I had found an apartment and said that her and Dad would bring my things and Jasper on Sunday so that I had time to get everything sorted. I could hear Jasper fussing in the background and asked her if he was OK. She just said that he was fine, probably just missing me. Once we had said our goobyes I hung up and sighed..where do I start?

I grabbed a broom and started brushing all the dirt and old clothes, toys, and rubbish into one of the corners. I swept it all into a binbag and placed it into one of the bins I had brought up from the lobby. I wiped the sweat from my brow, it was already getting dark and there was still so much left to do. Once the living room had been emptied and the walls striped I made a start on the bathroom, the toilet was so disgusting, I couldn't imagine living like this...in such filth. Once I had the bathroom looking clean I checked my watch, it was gone 2AM, good thing I thought to bring a sleeping bag with me. I changed into some pyjamas and got as comfy as I could, which wasn't very, and tried to get some sleep.

After tossing and turning all night I got up, washed and got myself dressed and tried to stretch out the painful kinks in my body with no ease. Now that the apartment was clean enough to paint I popped to the local DIY store to grab a few colours for each room., and ordered some furniture at the same time. They said they could deliver tomorrow, so that meant I had better get moving if I only had today to paint.

I started once I arrived back at the apartment and when I had finally finished the sun was starting to rise, I had been painting all day and through the night without realising. I hadn't even stopped for anything to eat, thankfully there was a small newsagents next door. I had a few hours to myself before the DIY delivery van turned up and bought the furniture in...I guess I couldn't really complain, two charming men lugging my new furniture around for me wasn't bad at all.

Once they had finished moving all the furniture, and the fitters had installed the kitchen, I stood back and just took it all in. It was finally looking like a home, of course it was still a little bare, but once I had enough money I could buy some pictures and pot plants to spice the place up a bit. I had just sat down when the buzzer went off.."Hello"

"It's us." I heard Mum's voice through the callbox and buzzed them in.

Dad was getting the crib and Jasper's other bits and pieces from the car, and Mum had bought the little bundle I had been dying to see..my son. As she handed him to me, I snuggled him close, taking in his wonderful baby smell as I did. Even though he was sleeping soundly he let out a small laugh, I felt my heart almost burst, I had missed him so much. I made coffee while Dad got Jaspers crib all set up. I gave Jasper another snuggle before placing him back into his carseat so that I could give my parents a tour.

"Kayleigh..the apartment looks great, I love what you've done with it" Mum said.

"Thanks Mum, you should have seen how disgusting it was before." I giggled.

Mum and Dad stayed for about an hour before saying their goodbyes, it was almost dinnertime and they had to get back for the twins. As I waved out the window I heard Jasper stirring, I grabbed a bottle and quickly made him some formula before he started to scream the place down. That was one thing he hated, to be made to wait for his feed, such an impatient little boy when he was hungry. He guzzled all 9oz, I lifted him to my shoulder and winded him before returning him to his crib for the night. I waited until he had fallen asleep and ran myself a well deserved bubble bath before heading to bed.

My alarm went off at 6AM, I sleepily climbed out of bed and neatly smoothed the covers back into place before changing into something a little more professional for my interview.

Stay tuned for chapter two :D


Anonymous said...

I really liked this update Kim! =D
Plus their new home is so nice! ^u^

starling68 said...

I'm glad that Kayleigh has bonded with Jasper now and that she starting to make a life of her own now.
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Yay! I looooove the apartment!
I like it when you write long chapters :)

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"Just You And Me Kid."
Mr. Big!! <3

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Terra said...

So glad Kay is really back on her feet. I hope Bridgeport provides the new start she and Jasper both need!

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The Duskwood Legacy said...

I really liked what she did with the new apartment and ewwww it was so rotten before!!

Lets hope she gets the job after the interview!!Who knows perhaps there is some super stud at her new job waiting to sweep a very deserving Kayleigh off her feet :)

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Great update, Kim. So awesome that now they live in the big city. Also, the apartment looks nice. :D
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By the way, how did you get Kayleigh to move from Twinbrook to Bridgeport? I mean, like, town to town? How did you do that? Because I can't do that on my Mac OS X. :)

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