24 Dec 2010

Gen 3 - Chapter Two: Acceptance.

I just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year <3

I straightened my skirt nervously as I stood outside Mr Dion's office, I knocked gently on the door and waited a few seconds before he opened and asked me to join him. I slowly sat in the soft brown leather chair opposite his desk, my god this was so nerve-wracking. I needed this job so bad, I was trying my hardest not to mess up or stumble with my words as he asked question after question.

An hour of questioning later I walked out of his office on cloud nine, I had gotten the job, and was due to start a fortnight on Monday, after the Christmas break was over. I guess now I could use what little savings I did have left to buy a tree and get Jasper some presents, he had started to out grow his clothes and the few toys he did have weren't age appropriate anymore. I was determined to make this Christmas as good as I possibly could.

I phoned Mum on the way just to let her know how the interview went, and to tell her I was going to be an hour or so later than planned, of course she didn't mind watching Jasper for me. I stopped at the local garden centre too pick up a tree, hoping I wasn't to late as it was so close to Christmas. Thankfully they had just had an extra delivery. I purchased a five foot one, arranging to have it delivered later that day and left for the toy store.

I chose a Xylophone, toy fire truck, a shape sorter, and enough new clothes that would hopefully last him longer the previous lot. He seemed to be having a real big growth spurt at the moment, I had upped his formula feeds and started him on solids too. He has started to mumble what seemed like words, so hopefully it wouldn't be long before he said something that I could understand.

Everywhere I looked I could see couples so in love and embracing the cold weather and joyous season, of course it tugged on my heart just a little, I mean, who didn't want someone to snuggle up in front of a warm fire with, or open lovingly wrapped presents with on Christmas morning...as a family.? I shook my head as if to shake those thoughts from my mind, I knew I already had my family waiting for me at home, my little boy. He bought so much joy into my life, and I couldn't wait to see his face light up on Christmas morning as he opened his presents. He made this all worthwhile.

I pulled my coat tighter trying to keep out the bitterly cold wind as I made my way home. As soon as I stepped through the door Jasper started to make a little grabbing motion with his hands, a sign he wanted me to cuddle him. I scooped him into my arms and held him close, gently soothing him as I did. Mum already had her coat on, I knew she was busy trying to get everything sorted at the house for Christmas, they were having Grandma and Granddad round for Christmas dinner. Mum had asked if me and Jasper wanted to join them but I kindly declined saying that I wanted to spend my first Christmas as a Mum just me and him, she seemed a little dis-heartened that I wouldn't be joining them, but said she understood. I handed her the bag with everybody's gifts in and kissed her goodbye.

I placed Jasper in his room to play while I prepared some dinner, macaroni and cheese, his favourite. As I was dishing up I felt him tug on my leg letting me know he was there, I scooped him up and placed him in his high-chair, which started the temper tantrum. He always made such a fuss when he was hungry, even though he knew that within seconds of being in the chair the bowl would be placed in front of him.

"hey..hey, we'll have none of that young man." I chided as I placed the bowl in front of him. Once he was happily settled and eating his dinner I sat down to enjoy my own.

I cleared my plate away while I waited for Jasper to finish and made my way into the bathroom to run his evening bath. I washed his plate, lifted him from the highchair and carried him into the bathroom. After making sure the water was the correct temperature I placed him in the bath and gave him a few toys to play with. I crouched on the floor and gently splashed him making him to giggle. I let him play for a good fifteen minutes before lifting him out of the bath and getting him dry and ready for bed.

A warm bottle of milk and a few cuddles later he was sleeping soundly. I spent the next few hours decorating the tree and wrapping Jasper's presents before running myself a bath and enjoyed a nice relaxing soak before curling up on the sofa to catch up on my favourite soap before heading to bed.

I awoke early to Jasper's hungry cries, I sleepily climbed out of bed and headed to his room.

"It's OK JayJay, Mummy's here, let's go get your breakfast and then you can open your presents." I said as I walked in and picked him up.

I set him on the floor and handed him a small present to keep him busy while I made him a fresh bottle of milk. He seemed happy enough trying to tear his way through the paper. I handed him his bottle and sat on the floor next to him, while waiting for him to finish I opened the few presents that Mum had left from the family. I had a new sound system from Mum and Dad, I hadn't been able to afford one with my savings. I handed Jasper his gifts and watched proudly as his little face lit up as he opened them. He seemed to really enjoy the fire truck that I had bought him, and spent most of the morning playing with it while I prepared the turkey for dinner.

We had a nice dinner and spent the rest of the afternoon playing with new toys. All to soon it was time to get my little man ready for bed. I placed a bottle in a jug of boiling water so that it would be ready as soon as he had his pyjamas on. I squirted a little milk onto my wrist before handing it to him, just to make sure it wasn't too hot. When he had finished, I pulled him into my arms and snuggled him. I rocked gently back and forth him to help sleep come before placing him in his crib. As I let go of his hand he looked up at me and sleepily said "Mama." I felt as if my heart was going to explode with emotion, I was so happy that I had finally earned my rightful place in his heart.

Chapter three coming soon <3


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Aawww, such a sweet update Kim! ^u^

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D'aww Jasper is such a cute little toddler! I'm glad they had a lovely Christmas! :D

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Adorable chapter! Their first Christmas together! :3

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Jasper grew up to be cute. I love his hair! I love the Christmas theme also. Great chapter as always!!

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Awww he is soo cute!!!!

Great Chapter I am so glad that Kay is finally on her way up :)

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Happy Christmas Kim

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Would you mind if I uploaded a male " friend " for Kayleigh? If you do not object please write a comment telling me what kind of man she wants.

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:D things are looking brighter for our girl

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I love the name Jasper (hate Twilight, though.) and the Christmas themed chapter. :) Lovely chapter. <3

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So I just finally caught up with it all, 2 hours of reading and I don't regret it. Your whole legacy will just simply phenomenal and it's going on my reading list because I cannot miss a chapter. I am bursting with excitement for the next chapter, and I know you will absolutely amaze me.

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Awww thank-you so much Kami <3 I'm so glad you liked it, and that you will continue to read. :D

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