30 Dec 2010

Gen 3 - Chapter Two: A New Year.

New Year...means new hope for everything we want and wish, allowing the illusions and dreams to flow without fear, because it gives us a new opportunity for starting a new life in which all the mistakes made will be part of all what we have learned through our life, making us feel safer and more able to face any problem, but also wiser and stronger for starting the new road...When the New Year starts, don't look back, just look forward, thinking it will bring to you just the best of life!

My days were now filled with work, fetching cups of coffee for Mr Dion, always black with no sugar, and doing any typing and errands that he needed doing. Don't get me wrong, I love my job...it's just doing the same routine day in, day out gets a little tiring. Thankfully I could still spend a whole lot of time with my son, the office had a creche for us parents and I always spent my lunch taking JayJay to the fountain just outside the office. He would sit mesmerised by the pigeons whilst attempting to eat his sandwiches, although most of it ended up being fed to the birds.

His first few days at creche were a little stressful, he would cry for me for over an hour after I had left, it took all my willpower not to go back in there and snatch him up into a big cuddle to reassure him that I wasn't leaving him. I was extremely happy when Karen told me that he had stopped crying and was more than happy to toddle off to play with the other children when I left. Made my working day a whole lot less stressful, not having to worry if JayJay was happy, and he would always give me the biggest smile when I came to collect him at the end of the day.

The evening is always the favourite part of my day, me and JayJay would sit and play for a couple of hours after dinner and then I would give him his bath before settling him to sleep and cosying up on the sofa with a hot cocoa and a movie. I guess a good night out wouldn't go amiss, especially now that I can afford to and both me and JayJay have settled into a routine. I made a reminder to myself to call Kitty in the morning, and see if she wanted to hit the town for New Years Eve. As I drifted off to sleep images of me and Kitty rhythmically dancing the night away flashed through my mind.

Once I had fetched JayJay his breakfast, got him dressed and amused with some toys I got myself ready and called Kitty. I couldn't contain my excitement when she said she would be moving to Bridgeport with her now fiance Devan, I congratulated her and asked if she was up for a night out to celebrate. Of course she said yes, we arranged to meet at the The Grind at 6PM sharp.

Mum would be here to collect JayJay soon, she had him every weekend from Saturday morning until Sunday dinner time. She said it was to give me a bit of a break, and some time to myself, but I know she desperately missed him and enjoyed those few hours with him. I waved and blew him kisses as she drove off, and headed back into my apartment to see if I had an outfit for tonight. After scrambling through my wardrobe for over an hour and finding nothing suitable I decided what better time to visit the salon for some pampering. I grabbed my bag, locked the front door and headed for the salon.

I explained to the stylist the look I wanted, she took my measurements and hurried off to choose some outfits. Some of them just weren't me at all, but not wanting to offend her I tried them on anyway. I was beginning to think this was a bad idea, after trying on over fifteen different outfits and not liking any of them I was just about ready to give up. I explained once more what I wanted, and was suitably shocked when this time she came back with not one, but four different outfits for me to try. "Where have you been hiding these" I laughed as I pulled a beautiful sapphire blue dress over my head...hm, it was a little short. I finally settled on a Persian green number and chose a pair of heels that would compliment it. By the time I had finished it was already 4PM, I would have just enough time to grab a quick bite to eat, bathe and do my hair and make-up before meeting Kitty.

I did a final check in the mirror before rushing down to the foyer to the awaiting cab. As we pulled up outside I saw that Kitty was already waiting for me. I passed the taxi driver a ten dollar bill, told him to keep the change and rushed over to Kitty. She pulled me into a huge hug as she said

"Wow, you look stunning....you're going to be beating them off with a stick tonight."

I chuckled as I replied "Yeah right...besides, who would want to date a single Mum!?"

She grabbed my hand and shushed me as we headed inside.

We headed straight for the bar to order our favourite, a round of Polish Kisses, a mixture of bison grass vodka and apple juice. It always took me one or two drinks to loosen up enough to dance, but once I stepped an inch on the dance floor I was in my own world and could dance for hours.

We must have been dancing for a good hour when I noticed Devan creep up behind Kitty and smother her in kisses. It felt horrible to admit I was jealous of her, she was my best friend, or course I wanted her to be happy....it's just she had something that until now I hadn't realised I was missing, someone to love, someone to hold her close at night, someone who would be there for her no matter what. I guess I couldn't really say I was missing that feeling, how could you miss something you never had in the first place? I shook off those feelings as soon as they had entered my head, I was here to have a good time, not dwell on the past.

I watched as Kitty handed Devan some money and told him to go get drinks before she dragged me back into the middle of the dance floor. I was slowly losing myself in the music again when Kitty nudged me...

"There's a really cute guy checking you out." she said, I could barely hear her over the music.

"What? Where?" I said a little louder than I probably should have.

"Over by the bar in the black shirt, go say hi."

As I slightly lifted my head to see he gave a slight smile and a wave. He'd seen me, and was slowly making his way over. Kitty whispered in my ear that she was going to go grab us a drink as Devan was taking so long, I didn't want her to leave me with this complete stranger, but she promised she would stay where I could see her. I was still a little wary of men after what happened, I guess that was one of the reasons I had been single so long.

I gave him a shy smile as he approached me and said "Hi."

"Hi, haven't seen you here before, I take it you're new to Bridgeport?" He inquired, with a voice like silk.

We continued to chat and got to know a few things about each other, I told him that I had a son and was slightly surprised that he didn't mind, in fact he said he loved kids and wanted some one day. He explained that he was a drummer and most nights could be found at Waylon’s Haunt on set with his band Frequency. He even offered to get tickets for me and a couple of friends so that I could come see him play. Of course I copuldn't refuse an offer like that...I mean he was cute and I would definitely like to see him again.

Kitty and Devan made their way over with the drinks and handed both me and Trent a glass each. As I sipped mine I couldn't help noticing that Trent was watching me, I blushed, thankful for the dark lights of the club that hid the rosy glow I could feel spreading to my cheeks. We all headed to the dancefloor to do some more dancing before the countdown to the new year. I'm not sure if it was the buzz of having someone lavish me with attention or the alcohol, but as I felt Trent's arms slowly glide their way round my waist I found myself letting go of all my inhibitions and leaning into his embrace.

I was so entranced with the feel of his hips swaying against mine that I almost missed out on the countdown. I gently leaned my body against his as the whole room started shouting in unison,






As the first minute of the new year was marked in the clock, our lips found each other, a soft kiss that made my whole body tremble, tasting the flavor of our last drink, intoxicating our senses, igniting the passion between us...tearing down any barrier as he took me between his arms, holding me tight and feeling him so close to me, breathing his essence, made me shiver in utter craving of him...and the moon illuminating our love nest, witnessed our forbidden dance, our bodies swaying in a slow cadence, his hands exploring every slope, as they were tracing a road of wanton caresses along my secret valleys, he led the dance and my body followed the steps, as the melody was being orchestrated by our whispers and moanings...he wrapped my body, undoing my fears, composing an unsung song in my skin, in the moment he drowned my moans with the wildest kiss, as his body entered mine in a deep thrust, dancing among the stars in a blissful rhythm where we touched the sky, as the sweetest pain flushed everything inside, making me blooming like a winter rose, I could feel life in me, as I felt him running through my veins...and the new day of the new year found us being just one...

Stay tuned for chapter four. :D


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Kim! TuT So well written! "composing an unsung song in my skin" Oh wow, so beautiful!
Amazing update as always!

Harlow7x said...

ooh! yay love interest!

Jojo777 said...

Great chapter! I hope this one is a keeper!! :)

starling68 said...

Aw I'm happy for Kayleigh :)
Brilliant update!

Terra said...

Excellent wording! This was so beautifully written, I'm impressed and amazed. I absolutely love it!

Thea said...

Now that's what I call a New Years Eve celebration. I hope he doesn't leave when he finds out about JayJay, that little boy needs a father

Kittycattylion said...

gahhh!! there is something about these fabulous, club-related updates of you, Thea and Berry that makes me want to kick it up a notch and move everyone to Bridgeport.

I guess this means I really loved it. <3
(also.. my fiancé's a HUNK! but isn't he Alex's brother?)

your teasing picture on twitter had me on look-out.. >.>

Anonymous said...

YESSS. Kayleigh is on again!! woop!! JayJay really needs a father, i agree with u Thea. and her new love interest, man, he's HAWT!!\

jen said...

Oh yeah, yummy chapter indeed. Devan's a total stud, and he has blondish hair!!! FTW!! :D

Looks like JayJay might have a potential father...


Loved the update!! <3

strelitzia19 said...

Devan is kitty's fiance, not Kay's new love interest lol. His name is Trent :D

buckeygirl80 said...

Aw, I'm glad Kay finally got to go out and have some fun. I'm glad she had a moment with a hot guy, but I really hope he's a nice guy... so hard to know after just one night!

Berry said...

Awww yay!! Happy New Year!! Yay for Kay finding a nice new years smooch!

Kami said...

Awe I'm glad she found him ;D I'm pretty excited for the next chapter now! amazing work as usual Kimmy!

Aussie Karima said...

~ Wow,what a roler coaster ride!
~ Yes! I am finally up to date!!!!!;)
~ Loved it,you expresions are amazing!
~ I will leave a message at DD's

Duskwood Legacy said...

Am I reading that wrong or did she go a little too far with a man she'd only just met?

C'mon Kayleigh be careful not to run before you can walk you don't want to make the same mistake twice :)

Hugzies said...

You go Kay! He sure is a looker and he doesnt seem t mind that she is a momma. Great start to the new year for her and Jasper.

Sleeping Zazzers said...

This is one of the reasons I want Sims 3! Every one of your chapters are so detailed. And the photos are great! But sadly I'm stuck with Sims 2.

Fraternal Hero said...

love the chapter, can't wait to find out what happens between her and Trent ^^

Valpre said...

Wow, I'm finally caught up. Love, love everything you've thrown into this. Generations 2 was an emotional rollercoaster, and for a second I was so afraid for Kayleigh, I really thought she wouldn't come out of her destructive behaviour. It's unfortunate that that incident happened to her, but it was the wake up call she needed to get her head straight.

I think moving to Bridgeport was the fresh start she needed. New town, new person, new experiences. Good for her!

I couldn't help but wish Alex would see her now, how great she turned out, and see what a good woman he threw away. I just hope he doesn't come back down the line, demanding parental rights.

And that new years kiss, it was sizzling. I can't wait to see if it will still sizzle betweem her and the new guy, or if it will fizzle.

I enjoyed this immensely.

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks guys :D

Val, are you another one that's on the Alex and Kayleigh bandwagon? I see what you mean though, if he could see her now he would realise just what a huge mistake he has made. :D

Buttonsginger said...

Wow! What a New Years Eve Kiss!! A great read!

Rawla said...


Quan-Kun said...

Oh wow! Kay had one heck of a new years! Hope things bode well for her. :)

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