10 Jan 2011

Gen 3 - Chapter Four: And It Was All So Perfect.

As I sipped my gin and tonic I reflected on the decisions that I had made, and I realised that making Trent a part of my life was definitely one of the better ones. In the last few months I had managed to furnish my apartment much more tastefully, which was helped by my substantial raise following my promotion from General Secretary to Personal Assistant to the Vice President of Marketing for the Company. Now I am sitting here in what is an awful bar watching my boyfriend battering his precious drum kit in that Kiss t-shirt which he totally adores.

He always looked the happiest on stage when the lights were low and the sound was loud, where every decision hangs on a heartbeat. After watching him on a few occasions I started to notice the changes in intensity of his expressions. The way his brow would furrow on "These go to eleven" almost to the point where it looked like he was angry, even though he said that that was the song he enjoyed the most.

I had become used to the fact that for three hours before, completely during, and just after a gig he would totally ignore me. At first I had found it odd and I had talked to Maxine, Gerard the vocalist's girlfriend, and she had assured me that musicians were the most passionate, intense, and demanding lovers.

"One moment you are strangers, the next you are pressed against a wall screaming for more, hoping that no-one walks past the entrance to the alleyway."

As disgusted as I was by the imagery I could at least understand the sentiment. Trent was certainly better than normal because of his ability to pay attention to detail, and it did help that he had skilled hands, however gig nights were a different level of intense. I was always louder, messier, and multiple times in multiple rooms on multiple surfaces will leave anybody dishevelled, slightly bruised and almost in a full on post-coital coma.

As the ice cube slid down into my now empty glass I realised that soon he would have to meet the other man in my life. I made sure I was totally upfront because I didn't want complications later on, and I now felt that an introduction was long overdue. I had spoken to Jasper first and told him that very soon he was going to meet Mummy's special new friend, and in his own little way he seemed happy with the situation. I also explained to Trent on a non-gig night about the next step and he was very receptive to the idea. I thought a trip to the park would be quite good so it didn't seem to Jasper as though Trent was invading his territory.

I felt a rough hand on my shoulder and I realised that the gig was long over. As the punks and piercings left the stage area to go to the bar and other venues , my shoulder felt the pull of urgency and I knew it was going to be a long night.

The trip to the park went better than expected, JayJay seemed almost infatuated with Trent, trying to copy what he was saying and getting annoyed if he wasn't playing with him in the sand. It was almost better than I had dared to hope, and over the next few weeks every picture that JayJay coloured was for Trent, every question was about Trent, every game would involve an imaginary Trent. However when Trent was in the apartment JayJay would always be disinterested or suddenly be very tired, which is when I realised that he was nervous, so I announced loudly to the room that I was going to run JayJay's bath while him and Trent kept themselves occupied and made my way to the bathroom.

After running the bath and checking the temperature, and placing Captain Duck and Barry the Blue Boat in the bath I walked back into the living room and I was shocked to find JayJay cuddled up on Trent's lap sucking his thumb and being read to, and my heart melted. I saw how perfect my life was.

It had been a wonderful day, Jasper was now in bed sleeping soundly giving me and Trent some alone time, however the band had a gig Sunset Valley tomorrow night, so they were leaving early in the morning so that they could get all their equipment set up in advance. I couldn't find the words to tell him how much today had meant, but he did look pleased with himself. He said the band were gathering at the bar with their pre "Leaving town for stardom" drinks so he couldn't stay the night.

I woke up and realised that I was late, I rushed to get ready and finished the morning routine as quickly as possible. With JayJay dropped off at the creche I ploughed into my awaiting emails, arranged Mr Carter's monthly haircut, and started working on the quarterly returns invoices. JayJay and I had our lunch by the fountain as always, I popped by the store on the way back to the office to pick up some essentials. My afternoon seemed to drag on and even a frenzied game of Internet Chess with Simpkins from Accounts did little to speed things along.

When we arrived home I popped JayJay down infront of the TV, he seemed offended by my sudden lack of interest, but was soon lost amidst a flurry of colours and songs. I sat down on the toilet and prayed that I was wrong. I took out the package that I had secreted up my coat sleeve and let out a deep breath. I performed the tasks needed to get an answer, and I waited in anticipation.

Although I felt that Trent was perfect for my future; I could remember what happened the last time. I heard JayJay knock at the door, and I heard the silence after he had stopped. I felt time stop as I absorbed the impact. I felt a single tear roll down my cheek and splash upon my hand. A single tear for a single line. Except there were two lines and my tears didn't stop at one.

Stay tuned for chapter five :D


Cami said...

Uh oh! I hope this time goes better than last time though!

Jojo777 said...

Great chapter! I SO hope that this works out for Kayleigh, I would feel so bad if she was abandoned again :(

starling68 said...

This was such a good chapter! :)
I really hope that Trent will understand, Kayleigh deserves some happiness.

Anonymous said...

Great chapter of course, though wow.. totally didn't see that coming!

buckeygirl80 said...

Uh oh! It seems that Trent and Kayleigh are good together, I hope this guy will be different than the last! She deserves to find a soulmate! And little JayJay deserves a good male role model in his life.

jen said...

Wow, that was awesome. And Trent is a total stud muffin, no lie. I'm in love with him. :)

Great chapter, as always! I hope Trent is happy about the impending news...


Kami said...

I swear if Trent is gonna freak out on her, Imma show him the chainsaw >:D

Anonymous said...

I'm so worried that Trent will pull the same crap on her - I SO want to be wrong and see him happy about the news! He was so good with Jay Jay, so maybe...?

Aussie Karima said...

~ Oh,no! It looks like history is repeating it self,though different, I hope Trent will Man-up!
~ Loved it,thanks Kim!(",)

Hugzies said...

Pregers! Omg! I had hoped that Jasper would get a sibling but I hope its not too soon for Trent.

Valpre said...

OMG! I hope Trent treats her right. He and JayJay seem to be getting along so well. Lovely writing and beautiful screenshots.

Thea said...

Fingers crossed for her! To have two unexpected pregnancies has to be hard to on girl.

Duskwood Legacy said...


I really hope he takes it well seeing as he may have to settle down a bit and have less time for his band as a result.

Also if it did not work out poor Jasper would be crushed! he's such a cuuuuuute little guy awww.

Alex does not know what a wonderful son's life he is missing out on!

Buttonsginger said...

Ooooooooooooooooooo....wow! Didn't see that coming! Super update. Love the pregnancy test on the counter. Your writing is so real.

Quan-Kun said...

Oh my! This was a great chapter! The thought "what if" crossed my mind, but I didn't expect it to actually happen. Let's hope Trent will take responsibility.

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