29 Jan 2011

Gen 3 - Chapter Seven: Aftermath.

My mouth felt like a desert; devoid of moisture. My head was pounding so hard I thought it was going to explode any second. I lifted my head ever so slightly, only to place it back onto the pillow again as a wave of nausea washed over me. Ugh! Maybe I shouldn't have drank so much last night, should have known when to stop. I slowly sat up and pulled myself out of bed, trying to ignore the nausea as I did.

I opened the fridge and grabbed a carton of pure orange juice, the packet of bacon, and the eggs. A fry-up was just what I needed, I always felt so much better afterwards. I cracked the eggs into the frying pan next to the bacon and watched as they turned white. I turned the bacon and eggs, making sure not to break the yolk, and waited a couple more seconds before serving up. Mmm, it smelled so good.

I ate quicker than normal, the hunger seemed to take over this morning, any thoughts of looking ladylike had disappeared. Once finished I placed my plate in my new dishwasher and headed for the bathroom for a nice relaxing bubble bath. As I lay back and tried to relax all thoughts of last night filled my head. Everything I said to Trent, and how it came out. What did I do? I can't believe I let Alex ruin my life again, and also Jasper's, and Trent's too. I know now that what I did was so wrong, Trent is a good man, and I murdered our baby and our relationship all because I let Alex back into my head. Allowed him to take control. Well never again! I'm going to do what's right for Jasper, and just be the best Mum I can be, starting with a great birthday.

I finished my bath and quickly got changed into a pair of dark blue jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. I looked at my watch, Mum was bringing Jasper back at 4, so that meant I only had three hours to try and make arrangements for his birthday, and order some presents. As I made my way into the living room something on the corner table caught my eye; a note. I carefully picked it up, and as my eyes scanned over the words I felt the goosebumps creep their way over every inch of my skin. Alex had been in my apartment last night. Oh my god, I thought, as I realised it was him that I was confessing my heart too when I thought it was Trent. He must have heard every word before carrying me to bed and rushing out. It was his motorbike that I heard roar off just before I finally fell asleep again. Oh, what have I done?

I screwed up the note and angrily tossed it into the trash, kind of hoping it would take my worries with it as it landed in the bottom of the trash can. I stood and stared at it for a few seconds before my phone buzzing in my pocket snapped me out of it. I grabbed it and checked to see who it was; Mum, probably wanting to make sure it was still OK to bring JayJay back at 4. "Hello Mum." I said when I finally answered.

"Yes it's fine, I will be here. I'm just making the final arrangements for Jasper's birthday next week, are you guys coming?Oh, OK. I understand, send my best wishes to Granddad and tell Grandma that I hope she feels better soon. I'll see you a bit later Mum, bye."
Guess this won't be the huge party I was hoping for, well, I'm sure Jasper won't mind if it's just me and him.
I placed my laptop on the dining table and clicked it open. I surfed the web for present ideas for a five year old, what do little boys want for their birthdays? He had so many toys already, and I was stuck, I had no idea what to get for him. I could get him a bike, but we didn't really have the space to put one. He was a very talented little boy and loved to put on little shows for me already, so I wondered if he would like acting classes...I decided to buy him just a few and if he enjoyed it then I would get him more so that he could continue to go. I also settled on a table for him to colour and build on, and some new clothes. Hopefully he will love his presents. I ordered the cake from the best bakery in the city before shutting my laptop down.

I knew that I should try to clear the air with Trent, but I just couldn't bring myself to pick up the phone and hear the hurt and disappointment in his voice. I don't blame him for not wanting anything to do with me after what I said and done. It's probably best if I just left him to get his head around it, and if he wanted to see me, then he knew where I was.

I spent the remaining hour finishing up a couple of things for my return to work tomorrow. I had just finished, put the laptop away and made a start on dinner when the intercom buzzed. It was Mum and Jasper, god I had missed him. He came running over and practically leaped into my arms; I pulled his close and snuggled him tight, vowing to never put him second again. I kissed Mum on the cheek and said goodbye, she had to get back to help Granddad.

The next couple of weeks passed all too quickly, what with work and taking care of Jasper. I hadn't been out since that night, and didn't wish to for a while. I quietly crept into Jasper's bedroom and gently woke him. "Happy birthday little man" I said as I lifted him out of his crib. I set him on the sofa as I fetched his cake, singing 'Happy birthday' as I made my way to the sofa. His face lit up as he giggled, which led to me giggling too. his laugh was infectious.

I watched as he blew out his candles and opened his presents, thankfully he loved the acting classes. As it was his birthday I asked him what he would like to do for the day, he said that he wanted to visit the new park just on the outskirts of the city. I nodded and told him to hurry getting dressed, so we could spend most of the day there and have a picnic lunch.

It was a beautiful sunny day and the park was wonderful, they had built a whole new play area for the children with swings, slides, and a look-out tower. Jasper ran straight to the tower and climbed as high as he could. My heart was in my throat with worry that he might fall.

"Be careful up there" I called.

"I'll be fine Mum, don't worry" He shouted back.

I made my way over to the bench to get everything sorted for the picnic while he was playing. I had just finished laying all the food out when I heard him call

"Mum can you push me on the swing please?"

"Sure, honey" I replied as I headed over to him.

"Higher, higher" He squealed.

I had been pushing JayJay for a good half an hour when I saw a familiar figure rushing through the park. "Stay here JayJay" I said as I ran as fast as I could to catch up wth her.

"Kitty...Kitty, hold up" I shouted.

She turned and said "Oh....I didn't see you there, sorry. I can't stop I have to get to the hospital."

"Woah..Kitty, is Devon OK?"

She nodded, but for some reason couldn't look me in the eye and as the words came tumbling out of her mouth I felt them hit me like a tonne of bricks.

"Yes, Devon is fine...it's Alex, he's in a coma. He crashed his motorbike a few weeks ago. I have to go, Devon needs me, sorry."

Stay tuned for chapter 8 :D


buckeygirl80 said...

Wow, Jasper's a kid now! I look forward to seeing and hearing more from him, what kind of person he's growing up to be. He's so cute too! I'm so curious as to what Alex thinks of everything that Kay said to him! And with him being in the hospital now, WOW I wonder how that will play into things, and how badly he's hurt! Such a great cliff hanger!!! I didn't see that coming! :)
Oh, but at the end, what did Kitty mean by Devon needs her?

strelitzia19 said...

@ buckey, Devon is Alex's brother, so he's at the hospital with him, and she needs to be there to support him. :D

Kittycattylion said...



Jojo777 said...

Wow, I can't believe it! I just can't wait to find out what happens next! And Jasper's still a really cute kid :)

Buttonsginger said...

Great update! You always do such a wonderful job ! Jasper is growing like a weed! Poor Alex =/

Fawnester said...

WOW I didn't see that comeing! How do you get them to make sad faces when you want them to?

strelitzia19 said...

Thanks guys. It's such a huge shock, and I can't wait for Kay's reaction :D

@Fawnster - I use the NRAss debug enabler by Twallans to get the different poses and facial expressions. It's very helpful when taking pictures :D

Valpre said...

I'm so glad to see Kay pull herself together and be the best mom she can be for JayJay. He was cute as a toddler, and he's gorgeous as a child, I bet he'll break hearts when he's a teen. I don't feel bad at all for Alex. Does that make me a bad person?

Loved it, as always :)

Thea said...

O_O Alex is in a coma!! OMB

starling68 said...

Woah I didn't see that coming! :O
And Jasper is so cute!

Fawnester said...

@Valpre Not a horrible person, no, but I wouldn't say an angel either! Anyway you are entitled to your opinion!

Hugzies said...

Dun Dun Dun!!! This is such a huge cliffhanger, I see something huge on the horizon! An I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

buckeygirl80 said...

OOOOH Devon is Alex's brother, I forgot about that! Duh! Sorry!

Grazya said...

Ooooooooh. Not a coma!

Oh well. At least Jasper is a cute kid. :)

Jillyson said...

I forgot they were brothers too! Wow - to think that what she told him that night made such an impact on Alex - upset him to that point...it makes me wonder if he finally grew a heart after all.

Jay Jay is a doll, and I can't wait to see if Trent will ever call, and what's going to happen with Alex!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hope Alex will come through okay, even if he is an ass. :P btw Jay Jay is cute.

Loved the update as always!!


This was jenssims, by the way. It wouldn't let me sign in for some reason.

Fraternal Hero said...

This is fantastic! I was so shocked to see that he is now in a coma ! o no! and o goodness JayJay is a child, they grow up so fast! Really can't wait for the next chapter!

Aussie Karima said...

~ Oh! NO!
~ I think she has done her dash with Trent!
~ But what happened to Alex,when he came in after she spoke to him & buzzed him in? He found her passed out in the lounge,then he put her to bed & left a note,then the crash,two weeks later & he is still in a coma,it is not good!
~ Jay Jay is a cutie! I wonder if he will ever get to know his daddy???
~ I wonder if Kay will go to see Alex in hospital?And I wonder if it helps him or not?
~ And I wonder when I will stop repeating myself!lol!
~ Great up-date Kim,I am off for a sleep!
~ I can't wait for more BTW!(",)

Anonymous said...

OMG i wonder how kailegh will react to this -.-
i hope alex is okayy even though he is a jerk~ when are you going to post the next chapter??

Anonymous said...

Woah! I can't wait for the next update! This one was so exciting!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, my name is kayleigh! :D And nickname is kay. :D

Jmh.hobbs said...

You are so good at writing legacies, any idea when the next chapter will be out?

strelitzia19 said...

Seems as though you've all forgotten that Devon is Alex's brother lol. Fingers crossed that he will be OK, even if he is such a huge ass.

@Aussie, I love how much you read between the lines in each chapter and work out exactly what happened. I'm guessing that what Alex heard upset him a great deal, to cause an accident. :D

@Anon, ah cool, that your name is Kayleigh :D

@ Jmh, the next chapter will be out at the weekend, I update everyday weekend normally on a Saturday :D

Quan-Kun said...

I think Kittycattylion said it best, holy shi... O_O

Jasper looks just like Kay! It's good to see him so happy. Lovely chapter!

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