24 Apr 2011

Gen 3 - Chapter 19: Petite fille perdue.

Authors Note: This chapter starts off from Kayleigh's P.O.V, then switches to Jasper's, and Amber's P.O.V is in italics.

As the airplane slowly began its descent, I took in the breath-taking view of France. The fields were so lush and green, a thick sparkling Blue winding river, all surrounded by bursts of burnt Orange rooftops. I was definitely going to enjoy our week here; the shopping, the accent, the wine, so many new things to see and explore.

After the plane had landed, and we had collected our luggage, we hailed a taxi to take us to the Chateau. It was a gorgeous home, full of French accents and charms. Once the kids had chosen their rooms, we all got our belongings unpacked. I called to them and told them to change into something nicer because we were going to a nice French restaurant for Dinner.

The Cuisses de grenouilles restaurant was a quaint, calm place, and the minute you walked through the door you were made to instantly feel at home. We were shown to a table in the far corner, and after mulling over the menu for a few minutes, our orders were taken. I ordered the Grilled Seafood Nicoise, Alex ordered the Cognac Shrimp with Beurre Blanc Sauce, while Jasper and Amber had the Ratatouille.

We chatted for what must have been at least half an hour before our food arrived, and it smelled delicious. My seafood was grilled to perfection. Once we had all finished Alex paid the bill and left a very generous tip. By the time we arrived home the jet lag had started to creep up on us, so after reading to Amber we all went to bed.

After a good nights sleep I rose early, hit the shower, and prepared breakfast for everyone. Just as I was serving the pancakes Alex and Jasper walked into the kitchen.

"Mmmm breakfast smells wonderful Mum," Jasper said.

"Grab and seat and help yourself. I'm going to go wake Amber up before hers gets cold," I replied

Amber was softly snoring as I gently tapped her on the shoulder to wake her up.
"Amber, huni, wake up. Your breakfast is getting cold."

"Mhhmmm mmmOK."

While I cleared away the breakfast dishes, everyone got showered and dressed. There was a French Market on this morning, and I wanted to get a few souvenirs for the family, and see what other French delicacies there were at bargain prices.

We spent all morning wandering around the busy market, I spent more money than I probably should have on gifts for Mum and Dad, and got some cheese to have on some crackers later on today. Me and Alex wanted to check out the Nectary, but we knew the kids would be bored, so I gave Jasper fifty euros, told him to go have fun, watch Amber, and be back at the Chateau by 6PM.


The notes were crisp and new in my hand, having my own money was a luxury denied to me long ago, by my parents. Every cent I've earned, has gone into my "When you're older" fund, and every time I ask the answer I get is "When you're older". It's not that I need anything, Janine, from props, who doesn't have her own kids gives me bag after bag of designer clothes that the show no longer needs.

I was snapped out of my train of thought by the one thing that can truly snap a teenage boy out of anything - a girl. I was intoxicated in a instant. I felt a sudden rush of longing and purpose. I grabbed Shrimp's hand and set off at a dash after this vision of loveliness.

She was about thirty metres in front, when she disappeared round a corner I fastened my pace so I didn't lose her. Shrimp was complaining that her legs were starting to hurt, so I told her that if she stopped moaning she could choose what we had for Lunch, that seemed to do the trick. As we turned the corner I spotted a flash of liquid gold out of the corner of my, and looked just in time to see her go into the book store.

A quick scan of the book store alerted me to the fact that my golden-haired goddess was no where to be found. My stomach sank at the thought of never knowing her name, or seeing her perfect features up close. Not wanting to admit defeat, I picked a book up off the nearest shelf and pretended to look at it. I told Amber to go check out the children's section and see if there were any that she wanted, though in my hazed mind, I totally forgot that they would all be in French and she wouldn't be able to read them.

After an hour of "reading" I was just about ready to give up and go home, when I heard a door creak behind me. I slowly turned, still pretending to be into the book I had in my hands, to see who was making the noise. My heart almost stopped when I saw her. She walked straight past me and whispered something to the Woman standing at the register, before heading back my way. I was about to say hello, when I heard Amber...

"Jasper, I'm bored. I'm hungry. Can we go eat... please?"

I knew if I left now I would blow my only chance to speak to her, but Amber had been patient with me for the whole of the afternoon, so I gave her a smile, grabbed her hand and said..

"Sure we can Squirt, where do you wanna go?"

She practically bounced as she replied "the Cafe just across from here looks nice."

As we left the book store I couldn't help but turn back, wishing I could only speak to her for a second, but knowing it would never happen. I just hope that one day I find another that will give me that instant rush I had when I first saw her. Though I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that no-one would ever come close.


The next couple of days were spent sight-seeing as a family. We visited Chateau du Landgraab, the Forgotten Burial Mound, Eastern Hills Cemetery, and Champs Les Sims Castle. We stopped at the Cantania Cafe for lunch, and just enjoyed the sun and sights.

The day before we were due to fly home we decided to visit La Gallerie d'Art at the recommendation of Derick, the Fire Chief. He had said that it had belonged to a family for generations and there were so many rare, beautiful items kept there that you just couldn't visit France and not visit the Museum.

We arrived just after the main entrance doors had been opened for guest visiting, and spent all morning looking in wonder at the items on the first floor. The family who owned this place must have loved visiting China, as there were so many Chinese artifacts, Dragon sculptures, Vases.

Where am I? I only leant on the wall for a second, while I waiting for Mummy and Daddy to finish looking at the silly Chinese chair. And now I.. I'm scared... it's dark in here. I pounded my small fists on the huge wall and screamed "Mummy, Daddy, help. I don't know where I am, I'm stuck." in the hopes that someone would hear me and let me out. My hands were starting to get sore, so I slumped to the floor and let the tears I had desperately been trying to contain flow down my cheeks.

"Amber. Amber where are you?" I called out frantically.

At first I thought she may be playing a trick on us, Hide and Seek is one of her favourite games, but knowing she would have appeared when she heard the worry in my voice, did little to quell any thoughts of her playing. Had someone taken my baby? Had she just wandered off to look at something and gotten lost? Where did she go?
We searched under and behind everything that we could lift or move, but there was no sign of her.

"Amber this isn't funny, you're scaring me." Alex pulled me into his arms and tried to soothe me and tell me everything would be OK, though, I could feel him shaking with worry and hear the panic in his voice.

Once my tears had settled I decided to venture further down the corridor to see if there was a way out, back to Mummy and Daddy. The corridor seemed to go on forever, until I finally came to a set of stairs, I slowly, carefully made my way down, trying not to trip up in my new sandals. Once I got to the bottom there was a small room, only lit by a torch, there were two scary looking statues to my left, but as I looked around I realised there wasn't a door. I fell to the floor, leaning against one of the statues as I did, what's that noise? It sounded like a door creaking. After a quick scan of the room I noticed a small beam of light coming through a gap in the wall, was this statue a trigger to open a door? I pushed on the statue as hard as I could and watched in awe as a door slowly creaked its way open. I called out "Hello, anyone in there" as I creeped my way through.

We had been looking for Amber for almost an hour, we had searched nearly every possible corner of the museum that we could, Jasper had gone with a couple of the guards to search the grounds. The longer we went without finding her the less hope I seemed to have. I couldn't bare the thought of losing her, neither could Alex.

Wow the room was filled with display case after display case of gold treasures, vases, coins, and jewelry with beautiful red stones. I stared in wonder at them all for a few minutes before realising I was supposed to be looking for a way out. I weaved my way in and out of doors, most of which lead only to dead ends, before finding one that lead to a small oddly shaped room with three doors. I tried each one of them, twisting and turning the handles until one of them opened. Eeeep why was there lightening shooting out of the wall? Feeling more than a little scared I quickly ran past and into a room with three more scary looking statues. Hmm I wonder if one of them will open another secret door? I nudged with all my might, the statue slowly moved aross the floor, opening another door as it did.

It seemed like forever since I had last seen Amber's face, and her beautiful firey red hair. Alex's hand in mine, we slowly made our way back to the place where we noticed Amber was missing, I sat on the egde of bed, placed my face into my hands and cried for the millionth time already today, it felt as if I would never stop.

Ewwww gross, why would you put a sarcophagus and a head-stone down in a basement? What's that hole in the floor? I slowly inched my hand into the hole, feeling for any switches, as I did. It wasn't until my hand was as far in as it could possibly go when my fingers brushed something, I stretched to push it and watched as another door opened before my eyes. Wow, this place is loaded with secret switches. I made my way throught the door, and up the stairs in front of me.

I noticed a shimmer of red out of the corner of my eye "Amber?" Once I realised it was her I ran and scooped her into my arms. "Where have you been? I've been worried silly. Don't you ever wander off on your own again." I spluttered through my tears.

"Mummy I didn't mean to make you worry. I was leaning against a wall when it just turned and I was shut behind it, I couldn't get out, and I was scared. I explored to try and find a way out."
"Oh darling... shhhhh it's OK now, you're safe. "

Once we had alerted the guards that she had been found safe and well we made our way back to the Chateau and spent the remainder of the holiday soaking up the sun in the garden. I didn't want to worry about losing Amber again.

Stay tuned for chapter 20 :D


MissMears said...

Amazing <3

Hugzies said...

Oh no, Is the trip over? will he not see the mystery girl again?

I really liked that Jasper chose to leave with his sister when he could have stayed to meet the girl, Shows alot about his character that he puts her first.

Thea said...

Love the little adventure Amber had, and I hope Jasper gets his chance to meet to mystery girl.

Cami said...

I hope Jasper sees the Mystery Girl again! And Ambers mini-adventure was great - little explorer in the making there lol

Sleeping Zazzers said...

Amber is really pretty! I got really worried she wouldn't find Kay and Alex again. And I really hope Jasper sees his mystery girl again. I think he deserves to meet her seeing how he was so nice to his sister. If that was me (and the mystery girl was a mystery guy lol) I would tell my little brother to be quiet and read a book! So obviously he's a lot kinder that\n a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

Amber is a cutie! ^u^ And poor Jasper, ah I'm sure it'll work it, it always does for the Stones, wink-wink >u<

Quan-Kun said...

Amber is a brave one to find her own way out like that. Great chapter.

starling68 said...

I really hope Jasper gets to see his girl :)
Amber's really cute, and she could definately be a explorer when she gets older!

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of WA stories and this one had a new twist. So glad Amber was reunited with the family.

jen said...

Glad Amber got out safely! I enjoyed reading about her explorations in the tombs. Pretty cool. :p Poor Jasper, hopefully he'll see that girl again and get her number... XD

Great update as always!! <33

Valpre said...

Hey, I have moved houses, you can find me here now. Join me if you can. It's a new writers forum I co-founded!


Duskwood Legacy said...

I am so happy that Amber is alright!!

And I am really hoping that Jasper spots that girl again before he leaves ;) ;)

Valpre said...

Yay, Amber is safe and sound! Great vacation pics.

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