2 May 2011

Gen 3 - Chapter 20: A New Lease On Life.

About a month has passed since our little break in France; everything seems to have settled back to how it used to be, with no sign of 'crazy Sandy'. Mum and Dad had been to visit, bringing along news of the latest addition to the family; Mason's wife Maya had given birth to a daughter Rosie. After handing out gifts from France, which everyone loved, we all settled on the sofa with some lemonade.

After saying "Goodbye", me and Alex decided to get Jasper's presents wrapped up, it was his birthday tomorrow. He had already said that he didn't want a party, because work was going to be throwing him one. I thought it would be nice to go out as a family for a meal, there was a new restaurant in the centre of town that I thought we could go to.

With all the presents wrapped and placed back in our wardrobe, I headed down to make a start on dinner, we were having Salmon with a side salad tonight. Jasper was working late at the studio, so it was just me, Alex and Amber. After our meal, I cleaned the dishes while Alex made popcorn, tonight was movie night, we were watching Rio.

Alex took Amber up to bed after the film, he read to her most nights. I made myself a strawberry latte and got comfy on the sofa to wait up for Jasper, I never went to bed unless I knew he was home safe, no matter how late he got home.

A little after one thirty I heard Jasper turn his key in the lock on the front door, I waited until he'd gotten in and had taken his coat and shoes off before saying goodnight and heading up to bed. I can't believe my Son is going to be a young adult tomorrow... only seems like yesterday when he called me Mum for the first time. I climbed into bed beside Alex and snuggled close to him, wrapping my arms round him as I did, and fell into a deep dream-filled sleep.


I was awoken by Amber bouncing on the bottom of my bed singing "Happy birthday", I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and said...

"Morning Squirt, you got a birthday hug for me?"

She leapt off my bed, landing perfectly on her toes, thanks to the gymnastic lessons Mum had been taking her to.

"Happy birthday Jas, hurry, you need to get downstairs and open your presents," she said barely able to contain her excitement.

"OK, Squirt, you go on down and wait for me, I'll be there in a sec."

I climbed out of bed, and pulled on the nearest pair of jogging bottoms and a light blue t-shirt before padding sleepily down the stairs. Mum, Dad, and Squirt were all huddled on the sofa, in their pyjamas, waiting for me.

"Happy birthday," they all cheered in unison.

"Thanks guys," I said as I slumped into the chair to the left of the sofa, nearest my pile of presents. I grabbed the nearest one and began to tear off the paper, inside was a new jumper, the next four had more new clothes inside, all designer. The last present contained a framed platinum disc of my show, I wrapped it back up, so that it wouldn't get broken. This would look awesome on the wall, when I found a place of my own.

After my birthday breakfast I raced upstairs to shower, and change into some of my new clothes, making sure I kept the nicest items for tonight, when I went out clubbing for the first time. I was taking Squirt bowling for a couple of hours before meeting Mum and Dad for the meal this evening. Once I was dressed, and ready, I made sure Amber was all set before we head off.

We had so much fun at the bowling alley; our game ended a little sooner than we would have liked, but I thought it would be nice to stop at the park on our way home. As usual Squirt ran straight for the swings, wanting me to push her 'higher, higher'. I sat on one of the benches and watched as she went down the slide a few times, and climbed the climbing frame over and over. Once she had had enough we headed home to get ready.

Mum had already laid Amber's clothes out on her bed, so while she was getting herself changed I pulled on some dark jeans and a striped shirt, and gelled my hair.

Mum and Dad were already seated at the table waiting when we arrived, they had chosen a table outside in the warm night air. We ordered drinks, a gin and tonic for Mum, lager for Dad, juice for Amber, and a pint of beer for me, my first taste of alcohol. We all had Ratatouille, the chef's special.

We chatted during our meal, and stayed for another couple of drinks before heading home, I was already starting to feel a little tipsy, and I had a feeling the club was going to be buzzing. Mum said that her and Dad had one final present they wanted to give me. It was delicately wrapped in a velvet box, tied with a single red bow. I gently peeled the red bow away and opened the box, to my astonishment, inside was a key...

"Mum? Dad? What's this?," I asked.

"It's a key to your own apartment, we thought that you could do with your own place now you are old enough, and it's close to the studio, so you won't have so far to go. The lease has been paid for six months, so if you wish to stay on after that you will have to pay it yourself."

"You guys! This is so awesome! I love it, thank-you!" I replied, hugging them both tightly.

Not long after I heard a car horn beep outside, it was Per, we had arranged for him to pick me. He drives a Bwan Speedster YL in Canary Yellow. I said "bye" to Mum and Dad and raced out the door.

"Hey Per," I said as I climbed into the passenger seat.

"hey, happy birthday," he replied.

It was only a ten minute drive to the club, so we were heading through the door in no time at all.

After a few drinks we hit the dance floor, and had more than a few girls wanting to dance with us.

I danced with a petite brunette who had been given the nickname Fudgelette, because of her love of all things chocolate.

while Per entertained a stunning blonde called Vidette.

We were having so much fun, that it was soon time for everyone to leave, the club was closing for the night. I looked at my watch, it was almost 3:30AM. I pulled my mobile out and dialled the number for a cab for both me and Per, he had had a couple of drinks so couldn't drive.

Stay tuned for Jasper's first chapter. :D


starling68 said...

I'm so excited for the new generation =]
Looks like he had a great birthday!

Charlie12309 said...

Can't wait for the new generation :)
I love your legacy, I don't always comment but I'm still following

LordCharles said...

Does this mean Generation 4 is underway?

Anonymous said...

oh! Jasper is the heir? wow I thought Amber was....huh....ok then, cool!!

P.S. Please check out my 100 Baby challenge! (if you click on my name it should get you there)

Valpre said...

Wow, we finally have a male heir.Awesome!

Sleeping Zazzers said...

There has already been the vote? Ugh. I missed it. :(

Anonymous said...

there wasnt a vote ;p

Quan-Kun said...

Jaspers out on his own, nice! Can't wait to see what life has in store for him in generation 4. :D

Hugzies said...

He got his own place how cool! Its going to be cool to get to know his character more.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Jaspar, looking forward to hearing more of his story.

jen said...

Yay, Jasper's now a YA. I like how he's the heir, it's a nice change from the norm. :)

Can't wait till Jasper's 1st. chapter!

strelitzia19 said...

Thank guys. I hope to have Jasper's first chapter this weekend.

As I said before the reason there wasn't an heir vote is because, Jasper would have already wasted most of his YA life stage by the time Amber was a YA, so I decided that Jasper would just be heir. I will be having an heir vote before generation 5 starts :D

Thea said...

An all star cast for his birthday if I do say so myself ^_~ Very much looking forward to finding out what kind of life Jasper will be leading very soon!

Duskwood Legacy said...

So excited to see Jasper as heir.. but will he ever run into that girl from France again one day... maybe on "her" vacation ;)

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