13 May 2011

Gen 4 - Chapter One: The Producers

Today was the day; the day I broke out into the world - alone. Just me, on my own. I was super excited, though I know it's going to be lonely, compared to home. No more Squirt to wake me in the morning. No more Mum getting breakfast prepared, or watching the game with Dad.

I packed all my clothes and belongings, before I heading downstairs for my last family breakfast in a while. Mum had cooked my favourite - Fruit Parfait, and it smelled delicious.

Over breakfast we talked; Amber was practically bouncing in her seat, she couldn't wait to be old enough to live in her very own apartment. I laughed and ruffled her hair, as I said:

"You'll be all moved out before you know it Squirt."

Mum looked as though she were about to cry, I guess she was feeling upset over the whole 'My baby's moving out' syndrome all parents seem to get. As I helped clear away the dishes, I hugged her tight and told her I would visit, and that her and Dad were welcome round anytime. That seemed to cheer her up a little.

Dad helped me put my things into the taxi, while Mum and Amber watched. I gave each of them a hug and promised to visit soon; you would think I was moving to the other side of the world, not five minutes across the city. Once all my things were loaded in the boot I hopped into the backseat, gave the driver the address, and waved 'bye' to my family.

As the taxi pulled up outside the building that housed my apartment, I looked up in awe... the building itself must have been at least fifteen storeys tall. And my apartment was right on the top floor, the view must be amazing. I hurriedly paid the driver, and thanked him, and headed to check out the apartment.

As I opened the door my eyes were met with the Rich Blue hues of the living room, the furniture seemed a little outdated, but didn't make the place look any less inviting, and homely. The kitchen and bathroom were kitted out more modernly, in Burnt Oranges, Black, and Cherry Red. And the bedroom had a large double bed, perfect for entertaining company, and matching side units, and drawer units. The bedroom was decorated in Royal Greens and Creams.

I was in the middle of unpacking when my mobile buzzed to life in my pocket. It was my Agent.

"Hey Danny, what's up?"

"Alright Jay, got a gig for ya. Playing the sidekick in the new Indiana James flick. Sheyer LeBuff done his knee in quad biking, so there's a space for your skinny white ass to fill. Notice is short, but I'll gives ya the details later. Anyways, the Producers got their panties in a twist, coz LeBuff's hotter than a desert in summer right now, and they need a 'ladies man' to fill the gap. So I suggested you. Get to my office for about one and we can work out the details with them over Lunch."

"Awesome. You're a star Danny."

I checked my watch, it was almost quarter to twelve, I had just over an hour before I had to meet Danny. I spent about twenty minutes packing away some of my things, before changing into something a little smarter and heading to Danny's office.

Danny's been buying pictures again, I thought to myself as I stepped into his receptionist's office. Danny was obsessed by art, I saw two new pieces alone. I waved at Rhona, who was on the phone to another client, she smiled, poured me a glass of champagne and motioned me through to the office.

I was overcome by the smell of a very strong cologne as I walked through the office door, it wasn't the Simarni that Danny normally wore, so it must have belonged to either one of the two new faces in front of me. The first was the most outrageously dressed man that I had ever seen, and the second was a rather plain, though not unattractive, woman in a businessy outfit.

Danny jumped up from his chair, "And this.." he exclaimed, making a grand gesture towards me.. "Is the Man who's going to save your picture. Jasper Stone I'd like ya to meet the Producers of Indiana James: The Secrets Of Abu Simbel, Cecil and Lydia Parker."

Cecil stepped forward first, "Fabo to meet you dahling. We've been studying your work, as I'm sure Danny explained, poor poor Sheyer suffered a terrible mishap, and we need a hot young thing to take his place. Now Mr. Grayson, here assures us that you are just the Man for the job. I know I speak for Lyddie and myself, when I say you're definitely scrummy enough to be in a 'Parker Picture'."

The meeting went on for about an hour or so, with Cecil doing most of the talking. The Parker twins seemed happy enough at their choice of replacement. It was weird knowing that I wasn't first choice, that I would be going into a situation where I wasn't the star, but it would probably be fun to be in a new situation, and Danny was right, this was a fantastic role.

On my way back to my apartment, I got a text from Fudge asking me if I was out tonight, as they'd just opened up a new V.I.P area at Prosper. 'Round everyone up' I replied, 'pre-drinks at mine, at 8'. I stopped by the store on my way home, to buy a couple of bottles and some mixers, flashed my I.D and a smile at the Cashier, then made my home. It didn't feel like home yet, maybe because I hadn't picked it, or maybe because it wasn't mine - I didn't own it. It almost felt like someone else's life, different stuff, it was a little weird.

Still full from the buffet my one stop in the kitchen was to put the drinks in the fridge to chill. I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing my unpacking, and making sure that things were where I wanted them. At seven thirty, I hopped into the shower. I got dressed into a brand new shirt and jeans, and sprayed on my favourite Sphinx scent - 'Reveal'.

Everyone turned up soon afterwards, Per sporting a monochrome look, V in a slashed Crimson number, and Fudge, looking stunning in her trademark colour, Brown. After a couple rounds of cocktails, our cab arrived, and we made our way to the club.

The head bouncer running the event also worked for Danny, so knew me by sight, and ushered us straight through. The club was decorated in elegant blacks, greys, and whites. There was a new area where the band played.

I ordered us a round of Simsmapolitans, and Pomegranate Passion's. We quickly drank those and made our way up to the V.I.P area, it seemed as if they had recently had a bubble machine installed, of course we headed straight to have a go. I think V sucked hers a little too hard, as she let out a huge hiccup.

The dance floor was lit with a deep purple strobe light, and had showers of glittering confetti spraying all over the floor. Per and Fudge seemed to be getting on like a house on fire, I could see that neither could keep their eyes off each other, and Per had a cheeky grin spread across his face. Not that I could blame him, Fudge was stunning.

I on the other hand was receiving plenty of attention from V, I asked her if she wanted to dance, she eagerly accepted, and wriggled and swayed without a care in the world. We stayed at the club for about an hour after Per and Fudge left, before I asked her back for a coffee.

As soon as we stepped into my apartment we forgot all about the coffee...

Stay tuned for chapter 2 :D


starling68 said...

Looks like Jasper's making it big already!
And I'm interested to see what happens between him and V :D

LordCharles said...

Oooohh... I thought that it would be Jasper and Fudge, as he complimented her tons more. But V is just as gorgeous, too. You are awesome at making good looking sims! Great update!

AlecciaLin said...

I have been popping in here daily to check for his first chapter! :p

Thea said...

well he certainly fits the ladies man part to a T ^_^

Sleeping Zazzers said...

Seems like he forgot all about that girl on vacation...

Kittycattylion said...

KYAAA! >/////<

who knew? Vidette, you lucky champ!

Kittycattylion said...

@LordCharles: I thought for sure it was gonna be Fudge as well! hmmmmaybe J has more nights to fill? *grins*

Quan-Kun said...

My my, well Jasper certainly didn't waste any time. Hehehe. Nice chapter. :)

Jmh.hobbs said...

wait, in the last chapter, Jasper WAS dancing with Fudge, why V now?

Berry said...

Oh snap! Vid and Jasper. HAWTNESS!! Haha he is too cute! Great kickoff!!

jen said...

Jasper is SO good-looking. :P Also, Amber is a beautiful child. You're lucky, they usually don't look that nice. O.O

And that last picture, HOT stuff! :D Can't wait how this turns out!!

Fawnester said...

Great Chapter! Could you cheack out www.the-frevill-legacy.blogspot.com?

Jillyson said...

I've missed this! I was behind a few chapters, and so glad to be caught back up!

Jasper, the young star on his own. I still see him as a baby! Lol!

A shame he never got to meet the French girl, but he seems to be doing just fine with the Simericans!

Jmh.hobbs said...

I hate to do this, but please visit my new legacy athttp://hobbsfamilylegacy.blogspot.com/, it hasn't really started yet, but it will probably be off the ground pretty soon, probably this weekend.

Hugzies said...

I cant believe I have fallen behind! Jasper is going to be making his big screen debut in a huge movie! I hope that doesnt give him too big of an ego.

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