28 May 2011

Gen 4 - Chapter Two: Amazing Grace.

Authors note: This chapter contains scenes of an adult nature with regards to sex and drugs.

I awoke to the sound of my alarm going off; I didn't generally get hangovers which was a blessing of my youth. V was gone, though she had put a fresh pot of coffee on for me, which was very sweet of her. I placed two slices of bread in the toaster, laid out some bacon on the grill and cracked two eggs into a pan. I put on the radio while my breakfast cooked, and headed to my front door to get my paper.

After Breakfast I had a shower and a shave, then headed into my bedroom to pick out an outfit for my DVD signing, the final season of ‘Buggles’ had just been released. I settled on a lime green shirt under a light grey, pinstripe suit. My phone rang; the car was downstairs waiting to pick me up. I brushed my teeth and put the finishing touches to my hair, grabbed my keys and was out of the door a couple of minutes later.

I travelled in the first car with Danny with some of his media associates in the second car. We chatted about my upcoming film role on the way, with Danny filling me in on my new co-stars. We arrived at about 8:30AM and I was ushered through the back entrance and straight into the staff room of ‘Wilki’s’. There was a floor length mirror, around which stood the make-up girls, Dana and Bo. Dana was there for make-up and gossip, Bo for Hair and Coffee making. It was always a great source of annoyance to Bo that I did my hair better than she did. So she went over to Danny, and got some money to get some coffees and pastries.

The crowd cheered as I emerged from behind the partition, I gave a big wave and a smile, and then sat down to begin signing. I opened the fresh pack of markers that were next to me. Bo brought out my Coffee a couple of minutes later, which was a relief as my mouth was getting a bit dry.

As the day wore on I started to get a bit irritable, I realised that I was starting to feel the effects of last night, and my body wasn't taking it too well. My smile had disappeared half an hour ago. Danny called a break for us, which was a relief because my hand was aching as well. In the staff room, Bo set to work massaging my hand, as Danny lectured me about being unprofessional, and that I should have had a good night’s sleep. He pulled a packet of extra strong Pro Plus from his jacket and tossed them on the table in front of me. ‘Get some of them down you’ He told me in a manner which didn't allow for negotiation. Ten minutes later with my world rewired, I was back out front signing my life away. Damn did those pills work good, I felt great for the next four hours.

The car dropped me off at my apartment at around 2:30, I was full from pastries so I didn't have any lunch. I turned on my computer to have a look through the script for the film, but within a moment or two I was asleep…..

There was a banging on my door, I awoke for the second time today and made my way over to the noise. Danny was outside and apparently I had overslept, the premiere of one of his other clients was due to start in twenty minutes. I can’t believe I had forgotten. The lead actress, Ashanti Williams was a major crush of mine and the date had been circled on my calendar for weeks. I grabbed my tux, and a pack of breath mints and ran to the car, I would have to get changed en route.

After the most eventful car ride in a long time, we finally arrived at the premiere with about five minutes to spare. Once inside the foyer, I grabbed two champagne flutes, turned to find Danny but he was lost to the throng of minglers. Someone bumped me in the back, I turned to voice my annoyance, and I stopped dead. I was intoxicated in an instant. In front of me was vision of beauty, Shoulder length Blonde hair, in a full length black and emerald evening dress.

I mumbled my apologies, and she looked so embarrassed, She declared that it was her fault. A voice over the Tannoy announced that the film was starting in a minute or two and that people needed to take their seats. Beautiful took her seat a couple of rows in front of me. Try as I might during the film I couldn't concentrate on Ashanti or her exotic curves, my mind was only zoned in on one thing. My prey kept looking back as well, trying to make eye contact.

As the credits rolled and people left I heard somebody call my name. I looked and there was Beauty, "My Name is Grace" she said, "there is a party at my friend’s house if you want to come". She reached for my hand and slipped her fingers in between mine. "Oh please say you’ll come". A broad smile consumed my face as I looked into her eyes "Oh I will definitely come" maybe more than once I told myself….

The party was just what a typical early 20's gathering should be about, lots of good music and people on their way to getting drunk. I saw signs of the darker side of excessive life, there was a group of people engaged in snorting something in the lounge, and a couple were having sex, in another room, that was so loud I could hear it over the music.

Grace grabbed my hand and pulled me into the kitchen, I poured us some drinks, Two double Vodka and Red Bulls. We downed those, so I made us two more and proceeded to grab some shot glasses and a bottle of Apple Sourz. We found two seats at the breakfast bar. For a long time we talked and drank, then talked some more.

The Sourz soon disappeared, followed by any honourable intentions I might have been harboring. My hand had been getting progressively higher up Grace’s leg all evening, and as my fingertips brushed the lacy trim of her underwear she leaned forward and pulled me into a deep, long kiss. Her tongue weaved its way inside my mouth. We only stopped when the 'snorters' came over to us and offered some of their bag of magic powder, I refused as I had no intention of becoming an addict. Besides I knew where my pleasures could be found. Grace also declined, but I think more so because I did than anything.

I buried my mouth in her neck and bit down ever so gently, I heard a little gasp escape her mouth, and I knew she was ready. I took her hand and led her to the front door. I pushed her up against the wall, and kissed her again. "So" I whispered "my place, or yours". I pushed my hand down around her and pulled her closer. She quivered with excitement as I ran one finger down her back to the base of her spine. "Yours" she sighed breathlessly in my ear.

The taxi ride home got a bit steamy, and we practically ran out of the cab and into the elevator. I couldn’t wait, I took her there and then.

We bundled out of the elevator, I hadn’t lasted long in my excitement. I threw the front door open and pulled her inside. I took her into the bathroom, opened the shower door, and put the shower on to allow the temperature to correct itself. She was naked in an instant, and pushed me inside the shower even though I still had most of my clothes on. I stripped as quickly as I could and as the steam filled up the room, Grace pressed her body to mine once again.

Stay tuned for chapter three :D


Anonymous said...

Jasper is certainly living the glamorous life.

Jmh.hobbs said...

Well... Jasper is certainly getting popular now. But what will V do when she finds out? What will Grace do when she finds out about V? Who will Jasper choose?

Hugzies said...

Steamy!!! I truly hope that being around all of these bad influences all the time wont turn Jasper into a bad guy. Grace seems a bit untrustworthy to me, but that could just be because we haven't gotten to to know more about her yet.

9Splat5 :) said...

amazing :) I only discovered you blog like 2 weeks ago, and i can proudly say i have got up to here already.
Is Grace the girl Jasper saw in France??? :D:D

Fawnester said...

I agree with Hugzies completly...also V is better than Grace but really he needs to meet some ladies outside of the bar it is pulling down his job performance!

Izzi654 said...

Hey, i was wondering when chapter 3 is coming out...great chapter btw!!

GreatBigSea said...

If you ask me, he should go for Fudge. After all, who doesn't like chocolate!

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