19 Jun 2011

Gen 4 - Chapter Three: Scarface.

Authors Note: Sorry this chapter has taken so long, I had major problems after installing Generations. I lost my legacy save, so have had to re-do it. Jasper's apartment does look different than before, and a few of the characters may look different too. Hope you all understand, and enjoy the update.

“Coffee. Black, 2 sugars. A pack of red bulls, 2 packets of Pro Plus. Some salted, no make those dry roasted peanuts and a meatball melt sub with grated cheese, lettuce, cucumber, jalapenos and green peppers” The runner scribbled down my order and turned to the director, Steven Spellburg to take his too. It was great, everything was covered in the film budget, and as long as I didn't go overboard no one cared what I ordered.

We were roughly a week behind schedule; there had been a delay with the tomb. Some safety legislation rubbish, which had got everyone pissed off because we had done all of the rest of the scenes. We spent two days doing wide shots and close ups, then took a couple of days break to rest and recharge. Now, however, it was 100 miles an hour and after two weeks of 16 hour days I was starting to flag a little. A couple of the girls had already had a fight, something about eyeliner, which was hot but still an unnecessary distraction.

Tempers were getting frayed, but Spellburg had this knack of making it all seem worthwhile. I felt better just being near him, he seemed to gravitate this energy. It was the same with Hartson Fork who was playing Indy. He just had…… IT.....the thousand yard stare, the charismatic eye contact, the effortless smile. If I was gay I would be crushing so hard right now.

Hartson had taken me under his wing. This was the fourth film in a planned double trilogy, he said that if my character went down well with the public, that I might get the sidekick role in the next two films automatically. He had even given me some of his Pro Plus the last night, after I ran out during one of the night scenes and all of the stores were shut. They were some foreign branded ones, which tasted weird, but did the job. They were stronger than what I usually took he had told me. He said he ordered his online as he liked that brand, and couldn't always get to the store that sold them.

That night though I could not sleep, this was unusual for me after such a long day. Hartson had said that this might happen so he had also given me a couple of herbal sleeping pills, which was awesome of him.

This morning I had woken up and felt better than I had done in about four years, I just couldn't stop smiling, it was amazing. I went to the canteen and had twice as much breakfast as I normally would as well. Filming went well that day we got so much done that we were starting to catch up, there was about three and a half weeks left at a rough guess, until filming was complete.

I had been sleeping with Torrie, who is the costume girl for the film. She caught my eye the first day at lunch she came running through the canteen clutching a mountain of fabric with a mouthful of needles, almost barrelling into one of the extras. Then during costume fitting after I had spent the best part of two hours being sized up and prodded with needles, we spent a blissful hour putting wrinkles in all of the new clothes on the table, and the floor, and her desk.

The best part about Torrie was that she loved dressing up. Two days ago she was a Space Captain, the day before that she was an Air Hostess. It was pretty wild, I had managed to slip into conversation that I thought French Maids were hot, just to see what she would do……….

We managed to get a few more takes done before the runner arrived with everyone’s food orders, it was awkward being on location as we were pretty far away from the studio. If we forgot something we had to rig up something temporary, or have a half days drive to fetch it. I took my bag over to my trailer, deposited most of my bits in there, kept the subway and a Red Bull for now and found a bench to sit on while I had my Lunch. It was mercilessly hot out in the open so we had to sit under the shade of trees unless we wanted to get heatstroke.

Filming went on late into the night I had finished half a sheet of Pro Plus already, but they didn't seem to be having much effect. I kept making mistakes with my lines and everyone was getting annoyed with me. The director called a break and I stomped off to cool off for a minute.

Hartson called out to me, and jogged over. “Look we both know what’s happening, you’re on a come down and what you’re taking isn't working. Those weren't Pro Plus that I gave you” I was shocked I had never done drugs in my life, and the fact that I had been duped into it now was shocking! I just wanted to punch Hartson right there and then. “The only difference is that yours are made in a factory, and mine are made by a guy called Jackson in his kitchen.” He looked at me and sighed... “The demands of being an actor are great. Stupidly long days, you're away from your friends and family for long periods of time, and the pressure of retaking a scene twenty times a day adds up. I know you're annoyed, I can see it by your face. Here, take these Red will wake you up, White will put you to sleep, there is nothing toxic or harmful in them. I don’t buy shit.” He pressed a baggie of pills into my palm and walked off, leaving me more confused than ever.

Over the next two days the pills sat on the counter in my tent. I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. I tried to not look at them, or even think about them.

Even sex didn't feel the same anymore. Torrie seemed boring to me. She came to my trailer in the dead of night dressed as a French maid, she had even brought a feather duster. God knows where she got that from. I mean I enjoyed it, but it wasn't right. I felt dirty! I had tainted my body with illegal substances.

To be fair, it was probably my fault. I shouldn't have become addicted to Pro Plus, It was silly for me to rely on stimulants, when I should be able to be on the top of my game right now without them. I vowed never to take anything else, I threw my Pro Plus in the toilet bowl. I put the baggie of pills in my pocket. I would give it back to Hartson today at filming, when we had a quiet moment, and tell him ”thanks, but no thanks” I was in control of my life, not some pills.

My resolve was tested continuously over the next few days, until I reached breaking point. I just couldn't keep up with the demands. I saw Hartson just flourish in the heat, and I couldn't control myself. I went to him, and even though I had given him the baggie back, I asked him for just enough to get me through filming. He explained how he dealt with addiction. He hardly used anything when he wasn't filming. It was just to allow him to cope with the demands of such strenuous work. He told me that if we continued to work together, and I wanted more, that he would take me to meet ‘Jackson’.

I looked down at the little Red pill in my hand. Was I doing the right thing?…….. I knew that I couldn't go on like this. I would burn myself out within a month, and if Hartson could manage it why couldn't I?

I placed it in my mouth and took a big swig of water. I gulped down the pill, I felt better almost instantly, but I couldn't get the guilt out of my head.

Stay tuned for chapter four. :D


starling68 said...

Oh no, I really hope Jasper doesn't get addicted! It's bound to go wrong if someone finds out.

Great chapter though, sorry to hear about your game troubles!

Thea said...

Uh oh I don't like where this is going :S I hope he can find a way to deal without the drugs

Speechless said...

Oh this is not good at all, i hope he won't get addicted...this is just bound to end in disaster:/

Quan-Kun said...

Uh-oh, using drugs never ends well... And he seems to be addicted to sleeping with multiple women as well. Let's hope he finds some consistency in life.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, Hartson Fork is a pillpopper? I'm heartbroken. But I can't wait to meet Jackson, his connection--I am very patient, and I will be waiting. Meanwhile, I hope you have a happy, healthy little one and that everything goes well until the next update!

Kitkat812 said...

I looooove your legacy! I can't believe it took me this long to find it.

sNoWaNgL said...

Hey! I just found your blog a couple of days ago and I think it's incredible. I have a few things to ask though.

1. How did you get the family tree on the side? I made one myself and I can't figure out how to make a link like that with a picture.

2.Could you check out my blogs? If you could, tell me what you think of my story so far and anything I can do to make it better! Thanks!(:


Scones For Cream Tea said...

I had been following, but then lost track of updates a few months ago.

All caught up now, and I'm in suspense! He's loved actng since he was little, I hope it doesn't cost him everything. :(

Have an easy pregnancy and an even easier newborn!

Izzi said...

Hey, it's 2012 ^_^ So? Are you continuing this?

strelitzia19 said...

Hey! I'm currently working on a new chapter and will post it soon :)

Izzi said...

YAY!!! :D:D

Lynnia said...

We all miss you, Kim! :D Hope you and your family are doing well

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